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In Topic: Short Of Breath?

13 March 2004 - 02:10 AM

Digestive problems do cause suffocation like symptoms, and people who complain about shortness of breath are not mad. For a comparison, when you have the flu and feel tired, no doctor says you are mad and should see a psychiatrist...
In the case of food intolerance, the immune system of the body is triggered, and this normally cause short of breath - remember how some people do suffocate when bitten by wasp or snake, and a harmful substance entered the blood stream, causing the immune system to react violently.
Moreover, tissues (digestive membrane) can inflamate, another cause for feeling very tired.
And not to forget that the digestive system communicates fondly with the nervous sytem, and it use this communication path to signal that something goes wrong inside it that it can't handle, and these signals may provoke "weird" sensations to the digestive suffering person.

This shortness of breath is not to be completely ignored, and when possible the person accusing it should rest, possibly lying in bed, but without overdoing it. (should take short walks when he/she feels better).

I wish best of health and strong morale to all the people suffering from this very unpleasant thing.

In Topic: Confused About Biopsy & Other Celiac Info

29 February 2004 - 01:54 AM

You can be gluten intolerant with inconclusive biopsy result, as it happened in my case. I have had no less than 3 biopsies, spread over a 18 months period, all of them coming "inconclusive" (meaning that they did show some duodenum membrane damage, but not as much as expected of celiac disease).
In this respect, doctors seem to name true celiacs only those that have severe villi damage.
But sincerely, gluten sensitivity will sooner or later turn into gluten intolerance, and gluten intolerance will force you to stop eating grain containing foods.

So don't jump to do an endoscopy / biopsy, because it is not only less accurate than blood tests, but it is also frustrating to undergo this highly unpleasant procedure only to hear 3 weeks later that it was... inconclusive.

In Topic: Elimination Diet

25 February 2004 - 01:24 AM

The elimination time depends on the element that you want to test your tolerance to.
For gluten it should be a several months period (say 3).
For dairy, I would say 3 weeks are enough.
For fruits/vegetables even less time will show improved health condition if they were making you ill.

As for when should you start reintroducing new foods, this is definitely the hardest and most individual-specific thing. Definitely you should let some full weeks pass, weeks during which you had no relapse, no digestive trouble.

Good luck!

In Topic: Why Not Probiotics?

24 February 2004 - 01:01 AM

I was not aware that yeast can have negative effects on the GI tract when used in moderate quantities. I this is the case, then rice bread may also be banned from my future diet. Yikes.

In Topic: At What Age?

23 February 2004 - 01:31 AM

I believe gluten sensitivity accompanies us from birth. I am 25 years old, and have been diagnosed 2 yrs ago, but I have had stomach and bowel problems all my life; it's just that starting 3 years ago my situation shifted to an unbearable condition. The trigger I believe to be eating a lot at fast-food restaurants, very spicy and very sweet foods and lots of pretzels at university.
From what I read and heard from other Celiacs, the age of 20 is very susceptible of showing this disease in its true severity.

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