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Member Since 05 Feb 2006
Offline Last Active Apr 10 2006 02:23 PM

Blog Entries

Lemonade's Blog > Another Another Day

Posted 26 February 2006

This morning I dont feel as good. O well. Last night was a yucky night. I had the worst worst acid/indigestion i have had in a loooooong time before bed. I also got more significant sores on the roof of my mouth and this morning i have small white bumps on my tongue. I had tea last night "yogi tea", they cant guarntee the whole gluten thing, tho...

Lemonade's Blog > Another Day

Posted 25 February 2006

Today I woke up and felt kinda tired, but not too bad. I was tired cause i couldnt fall asleep, i was restless. Considering that i only got 6 hrs mabey and my overactive bladder kept me up once agian, i wasnt as exhausted as i would have thought. I even hiked through the snow storm this morning to work and didnt feel too tired when i got there. My stomach...

Lemonade's Blog > A Turning Point

Posted 24 February 2006

Today is day 18 gluten-free. An d today i feel is the turning point day. Despite the fact that i didnt sleep well due to my f^cking over active bladder, i had more energy than yesterday. My stomach symptoms were as followed: not as much indigestion/acid, gut twisting aches after eating (pretty intense), gas, pain in lower stomach and lower chest area, quesy...

Lemonade's Blog > A New Day

Posted 23 February 2006

Today I had an edoscopy for celiac. I am waiting for the results which should be in by tuesday. Yesterday night I had some chicken soup that my mom accidentally added instant powder broth to that contained a small portion of wheat products. About 1 hr after i ate i was really bloated and had gassy pains and discomfort. This morning I had a semi-diarrhea...

Lemonade's Blog > Another Day, Gastro. Dr. Visit, Yesterday/today

Posted 22 February 2006

Yesterday I had an app with the Gastro. Dr.  He review all my blood work and other test and said they were normal, accept for a reflux present in the upper GI test. He told me I didnt look "sick" which made me feel confused and frusterated because i am "sick". I was weigthed again yesterday and weighed 94.5 lbs. I has some more energy in...

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