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In Topic: Celiac Or Gluten Intolerant: Does It Matter?

28 August 2004 - 05:55 AM


Coeliac disease - allergy, intolerance, or what?

Excerpt from Gluten-free Friends Fall 1996 (Vol. 2, No. 3) R. Jean Powell, editor Montana Celiac Society 1019 So. Bozeman Ave. #3 Bozeman, MT 59715.

celiac disease, also known as gluten enteropathy, is neither an allergy nor an intolerance. Gluten enteropathy causes damage to the lining in the small intestine, which interferes with the absorption of nutrients. Neither allergies nor intolerances lead to this sort of intestinal damage.



In Topic: Am I Crazy? Non-compliance...

28 August 2004 - 05:23 AM

You say:

.....a monthlong Gluten abstainance in April and it was horrid. Before that, my test results were borderline in all cases. I had borderline blood tests which "just maybe" indicated I should have the biopsy just to "rule out" celiac disease. The biopsy came back inconclusive. They detected the presence of antibodies that "might" be indicative of early onset celiac disease. I took the diet very seriously for the monthlong time period. I had some improvement, but it was far from alleviating my diarrhea. So I was prescribed Elavil 50mg (antidepressant which might calm my nerves and it slows peristalsis) and it helped "some" as well. I can live a perfectly normal life on the Elavil and immodium daily........


It is NOT normal to have to take Elavil and immodium daily to have a normal life.

You may have celiac disease & you are not damaged enough to react to blood tests or to show up on a biopsy.

It may be that you will show up later in life to have celiac disease - after sufficient damage has been caused.

What does seem certain is that you have a health problem.

If you are quite sure that you have been strictly gluten-free for at least one month and given that your diarrhoea has not stopped & you do not feel better I would think there must be some problem other than celiac disease.

It is very difficult (at first) to be very sure you are cutting out all gluten- eg if you eat out you may have contamination from gluten ingredients in the restaurant, if you use an ordinary bread board or knife you may get gluten contamination, if you eat any processed foods these may contain small amounts of gluten, any soft drink/ alcoholic drink like a cocktail may contain gluten etc etc.

To make a fair gluten-free trial you should start from scratch and use only pure gluten-free foods in gluten-free surroundings. My sister in law did not understand,until I explained, that I could not safely eat vegetables chopped on her breadboard.

If you are getting even a tiny amount of gluten (a few crumbs of ordinary bread) you can still have diarrhoea if you have celiac disease. I know this because I did not realise at first that my gluten-free bread should never be toasted in the family toaster. That was the cause of my diarrhoea early on when I started GFD. When I got & used my own new gluten-free toaster my diarrhoea stopped.

You should try to find out what is causing your ill health - please go back and seek medical help.

There must be more tests that can help you find out what is wrong with you- as long as you are convinced you have given the gluten-free diet a fair trial.

There is no point in you going gluten-free if you do not have celiac disease - so my advice is to find out just what is causing you to be ill (if you know you have been strictly gluten-free and it has not helped you feel better).

Hope you find out what is wrong soon.

In Topic: Travel In Berlin And Prague

25 August 2004 - 04:25 AM

Dietary cards are available from this site:


When I went to Prague I took gluten-free basics like rice cakes etc.

Please see:


Hope you have a great time.

In Topic: Gluten Free Beer

13 June 2004 - 01:33 AM

Was not sure where to post this but a lot of coeliacs will want to know there is now a gluten free and wheat free beer available by mail order in UK.

It is Green's Discovery and is excellent, tastes like a real ale, not a lager.


I know there are other gluten-free beers (Rampo Valley & Bard's Tale in USA, Nigerian Guinness, Bi Aglut/Free Aglut in Itlay and La Messagere in Canada ) but this is the first one in UK.

In Topic: Celebrities With Celiac?

05 April 2004 - 05:55 AM

I suppose when celiac disease is better known about more people (and therefore more famous people) will become diagnosed.

Please see :

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