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In Topic: Celiac & Breastfeeding Info

15 March 2006 - 10:46 AM

Here is something that sort of relates to this topic...well at least talks about when to introduce grains. My friend had sent me an article stating this same thing about a year ago, but I just found it again online, the full article is at http://www.usaweeken...0108babies.html. It is from USA Weekend. It's interesting that they didn't mention barley, rye or oats. Anyway, here it is.

Here is the one part that mentions Celiac's.

Researchers from the University of Colorado recently found that children who were given cereal grains at 3 months were at higher risk for celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder triggered by a food allergy to wheat gluten, than those who weren't fed grains until they were 7 months old. There are no official recommendations about when to add wheat to Baby's diet, but William Cochran, M.D., chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics section on Gastroenterology and Nutrition, says parents should wait until Baby is at least 7 months to feed her grains.


In Topic: Pregnant And Worried

08 March 2006 - 06:21 PM

Thanks for all of your replies and concern for me. I am happy to report that I had my first OB appointment today and a vaginal ultrasound did show an egg sac in the uterus...my husband and I are so relieved. I had gone in on Monday for a blood draw and they took more blood today. My progesterone was within normal limits, but lower than the doctor would have liked it to be. So I do have to use vaginal progesterone suppositories twice a day for the next month (doesn't sound very fun), but it should keep my progesterone levels nice and normal. The worst part about that is I had to go to a pharmacy about forty five minutes away to find one that had them in stock because I was too paranoid to wait a day or two to get some in at other pharmacies. I go in for another appointment next week. So all is well...thanks again for all of the advice. I had been looking at other posts on baby center about ectopic pregnancies and they all made me so nervous. Posting on this board and reading your replies helped to keep me more calm.
Thanks again!

In Topic: Disney World

21 February 2006 - 06:30 PM

I went in 2004 and they were wonderful. I didn't have to do too much in advance. Just a few days before my visit, I picked where I wanted to eat and called the reservation line that covers all parks. I did have to make reservations, but had two good meals in the Magic Kingdom and one great one in Epcot. At the Magic Kingdom I ate at a place in Hometown Square that is a pasta place (sorry don't remember the name). It is themed with Lady and the Tramp stuff. At that location the chef came out to talk to me and took my order, I had rice spaghetti with gluten free meatballs. They also had really good Cybros rolls for me all wamed up and toasty. That same night we were at the Liberty Inn which was a character dining (fun even though we were two adults). Again the chef came out and spoke with me ahead of time and brought me each course of the meal. They even had a wam gluten free brownie for me while my husband was eating regular apple pie...so that didn't bother me since I had the brownie. Then at Epcot, we went to the German Biergarten restaurant...which wasn't as easy to find things to eat, but my husband wanted to go there. At that location, the chef came out and went over everything on the buffet with me as to what I could have and what I could not have. SO overall, it was wonderful and it was great knowing I would be taken care of. I have heard that the turkey legs they sell on carts in the park are gluten free and they used to say the McDonald's fries they sell are too, but I am sure you have heard McDonald's is no longer saying they are gluten free. So good luck and have fun! I know this is long, but I hope it helps.

In Topic: Mackinaw Island

03 October 2005 - 06:55 AM

I had just done a google search "Eating Gluten Free Mackinaw Island" and this site came up http://www.kilwins.c....phtml?artid=15 . It just says the chocolate and vanilla is. I didn't specifically contact them about anything yet, so I can be definite.


In Topic: Sports Drinks

18 July 2005 - 05:37 PM

I just emailed Gu Sports to see if their supplement packets of energy gel are gluten free and they replied that all of their Gu supplement packets and G2O eletrolyte replacement drink are gluten free. You can find more information at www.gusports.com.

Here is the copy of the email I received:

Hello Kim,

Thank you for your interest in GU Energy Gel! I am happy to inform you that all of our flavors of GU and our electrolyte replacement drink GU2O are gluten free. We have sent our product to an outside lab, which specialized in gluten detection, and came back negative for gluten. The maltodextrin in GU and GU2O is derived from corn. It is safe for those who suffer from Celiac Disease or who are gluten-intolerant, to take our product.

Hope this helps,

Your Friends at GU!

Hope this helps!

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