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Member Since 30 Mar 2006
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In Topic: Another "why Don't They Get It" Thread

05 December 2006 - 04:04 PM

When you get a rude or nosy question you could ask one of the following:

Why do you ask?
How many books have you read on celiac disease?
Why do you need to know?
She is better educated and informed than my generation (or yours).
Dietary Trial is the ultimate test.
Instead of fast food she is making healthier food choices to enable her to lead
a long disease free life.

The above ought to cover most everything

In Topic: Urinary Tract Infection

03 December 2006 - 09:51 PM

Two Words - Food Allergies

I suffered with UTIs for MANY years. Now that I am gluten-free I do not have them anymore, I also still do not eat or drink, Tea, Coffee, Sodas, Grapefruit, Potatoes

I was allergic to coffee, but I never drank it !!! Severely allergic to tea & it would give me an instant bladder infection.

Used to be any and ALL citrus but now I can have oranges & pineapple with no problems but grapefruit used to make me soooo sick with a UTI that I just cannot bring myself to eat one.

I forgot to check to see how long you have been gluten-free, but if you have been gluten-free for awhile and not getting cross contamination etc, then look for a food or drink that is triggering them. My doctor always said that was not possible but he was wrong B)

okay, slow brain - I read that they started in June when you went gluten-free check the potato flour that is in the gluten-free baked things, or something else that you started eating about that time.

In Topic: Called To Go For Endoscopy

03 December 2006 - 09:42 PM

Everyone has to make their own decisions, I personally would skip it. Instead i would just get the Enterolab gene test... & maybe the fat absoption test, if that is clear then it really means that your villi are okay.

IMO biopsy is not necessary, if you want to a doctors permission to eat a healthy diet, then you will almost have to kill yourself first by eating gluten and then if you happen to have DQ1 genes you might not get the villi atrophy anyway - but you might get lots of other damage that they will not look for.

Even if you villi are damaged it can be spotty & if they do not take up to 15 biopsies they will surely miss it. Then there is the matter of the doctor "reading" the biopsy...

seems like a lot of trouble for nothing to me, but if you want an Official diagnosis then that is what you have to do, but you sound like you have your priorities all together already...

In Topic: Itching Again

03 December 2006 - 09:33 PM

Did you change any soaps, fabric softner??
my guess is you probably got some cross contamination in the house, when they eat pizza with their hands what all do they touch in the house? Do they wash their hands right away???

In Topic: Breaking The Rules

03 December 2006 - 05:54 PM

The director of our support group went to the international celiac meeting in NY & she said that it is recognized that ONE EIGHTH of a teaspoon of gluten stuff is enough to damage the villi. So you be the judge... You know if we could feel the damage being done to our organs we could all cure ourselves, but we cannot. Some of us are "lucky" enough to get warning signs in the form of pain and illnesses etc.

It is my personal opinion that if a person eats gluten a couple of times a year that they are 1. not educated 2. at high risk for cancer, & I do mean HIGH 3. at high risk for other problems 4. not that serious about their health 5. must not be strict at other times of the year because if they were why in the world would they waste all that good effort that they spent six months of compliance with the diet to eat gluten & undo all the good that had been taking place for six months.

Sorry, but anyone that does this, just starts all over from square one, it takes three to six months to get it all out of your system.

I recommend you read the book "Dangerous Grains"

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