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Betty Crocker Mixes, Bisquick And Udi's

23 December 2010 - 02:35 PM

A while back I remember a few posts about Udi's making some really sick and then also that BC Devil's Food and now the Biscquick do the same thing. The conjecture was that it is cause by a significantly large amount of Xanthum Gum in these mixes to make them have the texture they do (GOOD, Hold-together texture).
I had been eating BC Devil's food for months when suddenly I ate a piece of cake and 20 minutes later was on the side of the road wretching with horrific stomach cramps and pain - the pain and wretching went away afer about an hour, but then got nasty "big D".....
I thought it was the eggs (maybe old?).....so I bought brand new eggs and made another cake. Same thing. So I thought the butter might be bad and tried again with new butter. Same thing. So I stopped eating BC mixes. Then I read about the same thing with Udi's and the Bisquick. I tried the Udi's and lo and behold I got sick from that. My S-I-L just made me a huge amount of coffee cakes and cookies with the gluten-free Bisquick and I'm afraid to eat them since I'm away from home at their house on the opposite coast from where I live.
The only thing in common these products have does seem to be a large amount of Xanthum Gum, which I understand is not tolerated well at large amounts.
Does anyone know anything about this, have the same experience. I think I'm going to stop eating "substitute foods, made to be like glutened foods" (Quinoa pasta makes me sick too - also has Xanthum Gum). But I'm embarrassed to just throw all this stuff out since my S-I-L just made these for me on a very tight budget@

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