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In Topic: Avid Gardener Wondering Is There Anything To Watch For Gardening With Gluten?

09 April 2008 - 06:31 AM

wish i knew how to do a multiple quote posting........... :ph34r:

Di_gfree Posted Today, 06:37 PM
1. Also, the bending over is a problem for me (anyone else?).
Well............i can bend over but not get on my knees. I use a cane to help be balance but what i love is a cheap yard sale plastic small bench and straddle it like a horse and weed and plant that way.

2. But, gardening is the one thing that gets my mind off things, so I keep at it. DITTO

3.I garden organically, so a natural gardening tip: if you have earwigs, spray them with dish soap and water, it kills them instantly. (Not that I like killing things.) I also spray aphids w/soapy water.
I didn't know this about earwigs. yahoo.
I can post today!! :huh: :rolleyes: So glad a gardening thread has been started,
right up my alley and thanks Judy for letting me know about it!!! We had rain all day tuesday and monday night too so our tilled garden is VERY wet. I did plant 3 feet each of radish and lettuce a few days ago but it may be so pounded down will never some up.

Yes, it is so good when we can grow our own veggies and etc and know what is on..in them, safer and is such good therapy for the not so well person. I am looking forward to hearing all your many ideas!!! We should get some sun today, yippee to that. Later and love to all, evie

I'll go and take a look. Bringing another friend to this thread as she and I have traded seeds and even some plants through the mail.......... this is going to be such fun.

Evie..........if your out there you can email me and I'll post for you since you can't seem to post.
Can you PM Scott and get a new password. I had to do that once.

About moving this thread to a 'chat' position.........i'm just not sure how a moderator would do it.
but we did want things that are safe for us gluten and other allergy wise.

In Topic: Yet Another Newbie

15 February 2008 - 10:52 PM

Well...I already got my blood tests, BUT the colonoscopy and that stuff isn't until Feb. 26th BUT when I talked to the Dr today he said that because I got the blood tests done I can go back to a gluten-free diet. Is this not correct?!?

No, I do not still get the rash. Around that time in my life I started also getting the painful cracks in the corners of my mouth. I have gotten these up until this point in my life, though never as bad as when I'd first get them?!

I had the sore mouth corner cracks unril I started vitamin B...seemed to help and they went away. glad you are getting diagnosed and can get on to feeling much better, it is rough to have problems most of a LONG life like myself. You will get very good advice here..lots of very helpful people on this forum. good health to you...evie

In Topic: Depressing Teeth Decay Problem

06 February 2008 - 10:46 PM

I went to the dentist today b/c I have a cracked/broken tooth. It has been bothering me for a long time but just this week it broke and I couldn't stand the pain anymore. I expected the dentist to tell me I might have to have a root canal but I wasn't expecting the news I got. I was told I have 16 cavities and need 2 root canals, 2 crowns and 1 tooth reconstruction. I was overwhelmed. It was just a reminder of the toll this stupid disease has taken on my body. I'm not normally an emotional person but today I just broke down and cried when I got in my car. It's getting harder to keep my positive attitude with dx like this.
I have recently changed my diet to a mostly raw vegan diet after my nutritionist tested me and told me I now can't eat ANY grains, beef or coffee in addition to the gluten and dairy elimination. I've been working with her for a while trying to heal my gut and possibly get rid of some of these food allergies eventually. It has been taking all my energy to focus on raw eating and all my extra supplements and such and now I found out that my uphill battle just got harder. Does it ever end?? Is there truly a way to fix some of the damage this stupid disease has caused to my body? Or am I working hard for nothing?
Sorry for venting but this has just been such a frustrating day.....

I ertainly can feel for you about the tooth problems...Mine started a few years before DX then all of
of a sudden I needed 2 teeth removed after rotting from iside out. every year since then i need a few cavities filled or old fillings replaced. My dentist does have to remove HARD plaque every 6 motnhs and thinks I neglect my teeth but I DO NOT. Just seems I have so much plaque devlop on my teeth and cause problems, am concerned I may have to have more pulled and a new bridge made, $$$/ no dental insurance. sounds like you work very hard on your diet and maybe your teeth will catch up to a better place soon..me too. Hang i n there !!! :D evie

In Topic: Newly Diagnosed And Kinda Cranky

06 February 2008 - 10:26 PM

Hi There,

I have been lurking around here for about a week, since my diagnosis. I have had anemia since I was five and now, twenty three years later finally have a great PCP and GI doctor who did the tests and diagnosis (biopsies and blood tests positive). This was mainly because I'm of childbearing age and my anemia is so bad I could not carry a child if I wanted to at this point. I have gone completely off gluten since last friday and I am just really cranky and I am not a cranky person. I can not really talk about this at home, and I need to just say this out loud.

I tried to talk to friends (who are, in every other way, very very supportive) and mostly what I've gotten is; Well you're not losing your hair (one friend is), Well you don't have cancer (one friend does), Well you have a great husband, Well you have a nice home, Well you have a good career. This just angers me to no end. I am not asking them to DO anything for me, except listen and know that I have this and I am well aware that I don't have cancer and that my life is very good - but this still sucks for right now. Both of my docs (PCP and GI) have given me the "attitude is everything" pep talk which I have found more than annoying - I find it insulting - it's only been a week - don't I get a little depressed time???? I am a social worker for pete's sake - I know attitude is everything - but so is feeling a little blue... it's only been a week people, if I'm still blue in a month, THEN give me the talk until then, leave me be!

I went to a nutritionist per my GI today who told me that I may be anorexic (though I have a BMI of 30+) because I'm so restricted in eating (which is both me being picky and getting used to this gluten free thing) and just wouldn't let it go and she told me that I can try wheat again in five years... yeah I don't know. It was the biggest waste of time and money - and she printed out the food list on CDF website and gave it to me! I did that! And I do have a ED history, and just randomly asking me if I have an ED is really not helpful and in fact was very upsetting - you are there to work with my Celiac... I had no real clue we had to talk about something 10 years in the past. (I admit that I could be very wrong about this, but it's a hot-button issue for me and it was very upsetting - if there is a good reason for discussing it, then I'm in the wrong and mea culpa).

And this whole thing about eating clean and being careful - people are acting like I'm making this up - I'm not!!! My GI told me "if you screw around on this, I will be treating you for cancer in ten years. Every single first-degree relative of yours has had or has cancer - you can not screw around with this, you get on the boat and you stay on the boat". Why would I challenge him? Why wouldn't I listen? More importantly why on earth would I make this up? My husband is great... truly great - I have nothing but kudos for him.

And... (my final rant, I promise) I am going through *terrible* gluten withdrawls. I am so much sicker now, a week after going gluten free than I ever was before the diagnosis. I was never sick and never felt bad - ever (though no one believes me) and my only symptom was enduring anemia that never cleared up with supplements for 23 years. That's it - just the anemia! Now, I have a headache, a fever, no appetite, my throat hurts, my whole body hurts so bad I could cry (and have) and I'm in a foul mood ALL THE TIME. I'm tired and so cranky and I don't want to see anyone, I don't want to go to school, I don't want to work... I just want to be with my dogs and lay on the couch. I don't even really know what it is I am mad about.... but I want to yell at everyone who tries to talk to me about this or tells me what they looked up, or how the doctor is wrong or how they gave up (animal products, meat, dairy) as a new years resolution and they did okay. This isn't a resolution! This is a lifestyle! This is not MY choice! I don't get a say! Grrrrrr!!!!!!

I have an appointment scheduled with my therapist - that will be good. Thank you for listening, you're all so kind to each other and newbies - so I hope it's okay that my first post was a long rant. I don't really need responses, I just have to say this - no one in my real life wants to hear it. I sound so pathetic, but it's really true - and I'm kind of bored of myself at this point. ;)

Hurrah for you...you are fighting mad!!! that will make you very vigilant about what you should or should not eat...with celiac disease we have to be our own researcher and find what works for us..so glad you came on the board, stay with us and you will get a lot of good help here. & I did here 2 years ago after my DX and still do...had been having digestive problems for over 20 years, many of them/ debilitaing "D". Also have patience with yourself about not feeling better yet...for some of us it takes quite awhile if we have been sick a long time (my case too). My Dr. told me that Iwould feel worse before I felt better, at that time I was shocked but he was right. but now I am feeling so MUCH better, stronger and almost proud of myself since I am one of the oldest people on here and have gained back my lost weight. We also need to get thicker skin when around people who do not understand celiac disease!!! They can say such ridiculous things that will upset us no end!!!! :angry:
Sometimes I have felt it is better to just stay quiet and vent on the board or just with understnading people..it is so great when we meet even 1 person who understands this problem. Prayers for you. ;) evie

In Topic: Are These Normal Symptoms For Anyone Else?

03 February 2008 - 10:00 PM

I have been on the gluten-free diet since August 07'. When I consume the smallest amount of gluten, I can barely walk due to insane amounts of joint pain and burning. It takes about 24 hours and lasts about 24-48 hours. Before I was diagnosed I was only having it in my knees, very bad. But after I went on the gluten-free diet, I started getting pain in my hips and upper extremities now. Starting about a 2 months ago when I accidentally consume it my skin is extremely sensitive and feels bruised when anything touches it, even a finger. It really sucks. My doctor says that it is pinched nerves from the gluten, but it sometimes happens even when I don't consume gluten. He says that it is getting worse because I am still healing, as it has not even been a year on the diet. But does it make sense for it to keep spreading throughout my body even though I am on the diet? It makes me think something else is wrong, too. Also, at the exact same time my celiac was triggered, I started losing significant amounts of hair. The doctors I have seen for it says it is falling too rapidly to be hereditary, and it is not a dermatological issue. I have been losing it now for 1 year and 3 months and my hair is getting extremely thin. My hair still grows, but I don't have any new growth replacing what has fallen out, and it will not stop. I have been to so many doctors and had SO many tests done and no one can find out why it is falling out. I am so scared that I will eventually lose it all. Could it be that my body still needs healing before my hair will stop falling out? Will it ever come back? I am so afraid. I have never heard of hair loss as a side effect of celiac. Is this normal or unheard of?, since all these specialists I pay a million dollars to don't know. Thank you for your help! quote

Yes, is NORMal for you to lose you hair with celiac disease...when your intestines are healed it will come back...the healing process is not the same for any two people...somewhat depends on how long you were sick before going gluten-free. Same can go for the joint and skin pain but has your Dr. considered fibromylagia? Many celiacs have that too, many say that not eating foods from the nightshade family is helpful for ridding fibro pain. Glad you found this forum...a lot of helpful people here...just keep up the questions and you will get help. 'Good health to you' :rolleyes: evie

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