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Mandy F.

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In Topic: Omg The Stupidity!

06 February 2009 - 07:15 AM

Well, after not answering her phone the two times I tried to call her about this, the woman leaves me a voice mail saying "I don't think you're the right person for this position since you won't return my calls." :rolleyes: So, since I had no answers regarding any of the questions/concerns I had raised, I promptly called DMH and spoke to a woman in Quality Control/Abuse and Neglect. I have serious concerns about an agency which would fire someone for asking questions rather than addressing them in a professional manner. The woman I spoke to seemed concerned and knew the clients' last names when I said their first names... She also said that her daughter had just recently been diagnosed with Celiac and knew that a gluten-free diet wasn't an easy thing to do, but certainly an important one. :rolleyes: Without getting into any detail, she said that concerns had been raised in that home before. I personally think the biggest problem there is laziness and immaturity amongst the staff, especially that manager. The place I work for is really great and if I hadn't signed a confidentiallity clause (one of those "can't solicit private services from our clients for X long") thing, I would send a letter their guardians letting them know that there are better things out there for their sons.

I am a bit paranoid now that I called that this will somehow fall back on my head... When I called and was trying to figure out who to talk to, they thought I was a disgruntled employee and referred me to the EEOC. They did get me directed to the right person who seemed to understand my concerns, though. She said that someone would be contacting me about this.

Whitball: B) You're awsome! The ISL I worked for before would freak out if a case manager showed up unannounced at a house. Apparently it is against the rules... but really, they employed a woman who they knew spent most of her day asleep and weren't about to fire her. Not to mention the phone calls and not having time to "prepare documentation". As a house manager for that agency, I loved it when my case manager showed up unannounced. I had a lot of problems with staff that were only resolved when the case manager stopped by and caught them. <_< And that was at a decent agency :( . I only had a problem with one case manager and it was because he would call on his way and say "Is this a good time?" Invariably, he would be on his way as my client was getting ready to leave for work and would show up anyway. Then he would get annoyed with my client who refused to speak to him because he was now running late for work. :lol: . We squashed that pretty quick with complaints to his boss... I mean really... a case manager disrespecting a client like that... :(

Sometimes, I really just want to start my own company, do random pop-ins and fire people on the spot for things like sleeping and hour long phone calls...

In Topic: Omg The Stupidity!

04 February 2009 - 09:36 PM

Neroli: I have considered that he may well have psoriasis, also. I wasn't competely ruling it out in my mind but was angry at the lack of effort on their part to see what this means and to properly document why this may be beneficial to him in the first place. I have no idea where the idea came from to start the diet, but feel like they should be doing more than just sending him to the derm all the time rather than looking for things that could cause/contribute to his condition.

Whitball: I have considered all of the things that you said and am holding my call to the department of mental health for one primary reason... He may be on a waiting list to see a dietician, in which case the company can still claim ignorance because they don't know how to educate their employees. They are not required to go above and beyond to search for info themselves (ie: they would use best judgement when starting a diabetic diet until they see a dietician to get specific instructions.) The lack of documentation concerns me, but it is thus far passing the case manager's monthly reviews <_< so I'm wondering if there is verbal info being shared between the house manager and the case manager that I just don't know about. If I find that he has seen a dietician and that they are not even trying, I will ABSOLUTELY be contacting someone above his current case manager to get an investigation started. Other than this particular issue, I see no signs of outright abuse or neglect just extremely poor management and communication. Other than his skin issues (which are being addressed by regular follow up appointments to the derm) he is in good health (seizures, weight, hygiene, routine medical exams, etc. all well controlled), appeared happy, and I did not see any obvious signs of rights violations.

The other thing I wonder about is the, for lack of better terms, "unprofessional" documentation and how this could be affecting things. (my primary reason for not wanting to work there) He is not his own guardian but still has the right to choose his food. We have this problem at the good place I work. If a diabetic client chooses to eat a dozen cookies, we have a responsibility to monitor them but cannot intervene unless they are clearly posing an iminent threat to their health or they have a documented plan of action for intervention. It could be that he is choosing his food and not being properly assisted in this area. Again, the documentation doesn't say anything but what he ate, not if he chose it, if he was encouraged to eat something else, etc. (which is how it would be documented at the reputable place I work).

At the very least, I would consider this agency sub-par. They are doing the absolute bare minimum documentation necessary to receive funding. The people working there seem ignorant (and could therefore be guilty of neglect) but they do not seem outright abusive. They seem concerned about his well-being (they did request this from the doc after all) but not enough to independently research what it means. I also have a feeling that personal pride comes before patient responsibility as I received a message saying "You need to call me about this little note you left me on the table." The "note" was a list of questions (including about whether he's seen a dietician for the diet yet) and a list of missing documentation I noticed while reviewing their books. The manager was made well aware that i was a house manager for 3 years at another agency and should have known that I would be looking for these things if she was a decent manager at all.

Did I mention that I applied 3 weeks ago, was told I would start the following week, and only went in yesterday because I called the woman and asked her if she was still planning to use me. She said "Oh, sorry, my daughter went in the hospital this weekend (appendix or gall bladder or something) and I forgot to call you. I've got you on the schedule for tonight and a few other days but the schedule's in the other room. You'll have to look at it when you get here..." Had I never called, I wouldn't have even gone in... It says a lot about the agency's ability to hire management, though. And it's the reason I left the last place (I stepped down and was replaced by a person with very similar qualities). I should have quit before I started just based on that conversation! :rolleyes: But now I feel bad for this guy... I would try to get this woman fired, but I think she's the owner's neice or something and was promoted to this position after staff arguments caused the previous manager to leave.

It's all a big mess... part of me wishes I had never gotten involved... I knew it would be a poor working environment (between the manager and employees) when I started and it never makes for a productive living environment for the clients. <_<

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