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Mandy F.

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Omg The Stupidity!

04 February 2009 - 07:28 AM

I recently accepted a third job which I already considered suspect based on the (lack of) interview because I'm that desperate for cash. It's a home health position and last night was my first night. While going through the books, I saw a note that said "low gluitin diet" (spelled that way!) and I asked the other staff about it. She didn't even know what gluten was, but had only been there for a couple of weeks... As I continued through the book, I realized that they have him on this to treat him for "severe psoriasis" so I assume someone (couldn't figure out who) thinks it's DH. I read every single document in that house that I could find and there was not one mention of the word gluten except for that little note on his doctor's orders and a doctor's visit sheet to get the diet approved!!! To top it off, he hadn't had a gluten free meal since the approval of the diet!!! :angry: I was so mad... and quite frankly due to this (and many many other things like missing documentation and a complete lack of competency from this agency altogether) I don't intend to keep this job for long.

I was even more appaled when I got him out of bed and he was showing me his feet and his head/neck which was covered in scaly, scabbed, red rash. He kept saying "Look!" and picking at it and scratching it. The evening staff had commented that they had him eat gluten-free foods for a couple of weeks "but he's only got a $40 allowence for gluten-free foods so after the 40 is gone, they stopped buying it." She said that while he was eating it, the rash got better... :( He'd probably have more money for the gluten-free sub foods if he weren't on 7 different meds for the "psoriasis" :o (not to metion the ones for his other unrelated conditions) and going to the derm every 3 months for follow up and new meds that are all being considered ineffective!!!!!!!! :angry:

At any rate, I was replaced by the "lead staff" this morning who said "Oh, He's only "low gluten" so he only has to have some gluten free stuff" :o . Clearly she doesn't get this at all, either. Not to mention (and no exaggeration at all here) the only gluten free foods in the house were a bag of gluten-free pasta, 6 eggs, a few grapes, a few pieces of cheese, and a half a bag of broccoli. There were also 6!! open loaves of bread!!! Several containers of various left over pasta dishes, 4 open boxes of cereal, 3 open bags of flour, and several packets of various types of gravy!

I wanted to explode on the so called "lead staff" who had no idea what gluten was either, but I think this is a complete agency failure and not just them. I would have exploded on the management except that it was my first day, my direct manager's daughter is in the hospital, and I have no idea who else to complain to. The nurse has supposedly been reviewing the house monthly and there was no note what-so-ever of his completely non-gluten free (or even freakin low!) diet mentioned.

Sorry for the vent and if you read all of this, thank you! I needed help because I know that there should be info out there about this that I could give to them, but working 86 hours this week, I just really don't have the time or energy to look it all up. Not to mention I think it would have to be simple enough for a toddler to understand to get the message across to these people. I was hoping that some of you would respond with some articles/info about DH and the fact that it's either gluten-free or not and there's no such thing as "low gluten" and eating at least 1 piece of bread with each meal certainly wouldn't be a qualifier for "low" if there were such a thing. :blink:

Alright... I've got 4 hours to sleep before I have to leave for job #1 (a real job with documentation and professionalism and stuff... :rolleyes: ). Thanks in advance to anyone who waded through this!

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