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In Topic: In Need Of Advice.

08 May 2015 - 10:22 AM

We had the same issue, but it was the same ped. gastro. doing the undiagnosing.  (spell check says that isn't even a word~ because it is beyond stupid!)  My daughter was too ill for the endo with biopsy for the Celiac diagnoses.  During the gluten challenge for the blood testing she needed to be hospitalized for dehydration for 3 days on an IV.   She had more problems about 4 years on the gluten free diet.  She was scoped and diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophagitis.  She was put on an elimination diet to see if there were "food triggers" involved.  She was then scoped and back extremely healthy.  So the elimination diet worked! ~that's when the ped gastro un diagnosed her from Celiac and EE.


If your child isn't eating gluten, the testing will be negative.  If she tries the gluten challenge, she could end up being hospitalized for dehydration.  (you did say she vomits for 3 days after an exposure)


My advice, find a new doctor that accepts the Celiac diagnoses.  (even if the so called doctor is supposed to be the "best" in the area)  If any other problems or issues arise then she should get a endoscopy with biopsy.

In Topic: Bumps In Throat?

25 April 2015 - 06:57 PM

oops!  I forgot to mention that there can be a seasonal allergy connection.  In my daughter's case, late summer and early fall bring on more symptoms and then when a deep freeze hits she starts feeling better.  (6 year pattern)  If you can write a journal and keep track of air quality, activities and foods.


Heavy abdominal workouts can make symptoms worse.  Are you experiencing severe GERD like symptoms. Puking a small amount suddenly? Laying down at night was especially bad, so we put a board under the mattress and wedges to lift her head for sleeping.


Visible damage can be instantly diagnosed during an

In Topic: Bumps In Throat?

24 April 2015 - 07:06 PM

Back when my daughter was diagnosed allergy testing was suggested.  She went on an elimination diet to try and identify food "triggers".  The elimination diet was avoiding all top allergens and peas.  During that time she tried some amino acid formulas to help get extra nutrition without a reaction.  And keep in mind that once the eosinophils are activated they can continue causing damage for up to 12 days.  She had a follow up scope to see if the diet helped.  (It did she was clear of all damage.)  Then she challenged each suspect food back into her diet. 


Take your time chewing your food.  Slurpees are somewhat considered "non-food" and can be very soothing to your throat.  Cucumbers, honey, teas, and lettuce were also soothing for her.

In Topic: Bumps In Throat?

19 April 2015 - 06:50 PM

Have you been scoped and tested for Eosinophilic Esohagitis?

In Topic: Home Ec/ Cooking Class With Middle Schoolers - Any Ideas?

14 April 2015 - 07:16 AM

I hope the school will adapt the class for kids with food allergies.  For instance having to budget for allergen free foods will be a lifelong necessity.  Reading food labels and the importance of having companies clearly label ingredients.


Kids should also be taught life skills of managing bank accounts, credit cards with a high interest rate, mortgages, how to count up for correct change, and just how to mange money and budget.