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#653538 Gluten Free Goodies For Church Bazaar

Posted by on 15 November 2010 - 06:25 AM

Give it a try! What do you have to lose? What if people don't buy them? You have your freezer stocked. What if you sell out and start taking orders? What if you are the gluten free "betty crocker" the world has been waiting for?
I would buy some.
I think Gillians says you can keep in the freezer for 4 months. (By the way the lump o dough was pretty difficult to work with but people were making other things out of it. So include recipes/ideas for that kind of stuff too.)
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#649481 Some Of You May Know This...hamburger Helper gluten-free!

Posted by on 27 October 2010 - 06:05 AM

We love the cheesy hashbrowns!

There is the chicken fried rice too. It's not really for us, as my daughter can't have eggs. We have tried it without adding the eggs but the flavor is overwhelming if you don't add more plain rice to it. ;)

I'm so glad that there is something safe to eat that is quick and convenient. Mainstream and even can use a coupon and catch store sales for the products! Keep it up General Mills. :D
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#643142 Chicken Gluten Free ? Oats Ok ?

Posted by on 30 September 2010 - 06:32 AM

You will have to decide about oats. Most oats processed in the US are considered too cross contaminated to be safe. Now if you find certified gluten free oats you may be sensitive to oats as they protein chain is not that different from gluten's protein chain. Your body may react to oats.

If you are going to try oats, go slowly. Make sure you are strichtly gluten free and won't confuse what you may be reacting to. I hadn't had oats for over 6 years tried up to 1/4 and one spoonful more and about 6 hours later was feeling quite ill. So it could be a matter of building up a certain tolerance level too.

Good luck! It's a personal decision for every Celiac.
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#641824 Doctors Messed Up - Need Advice!

Posted by on 24 September 2010 - 11:30 AM

Well I was told to put my daughter back on wheat for the blood test when she was about 16 months old. I didn't feel right about it argued with the doctor even. I did put her back on wheat to have her end up being hospitalized for dehydration from the "D" and vomitting.
You have a very hard decision to make. At least be warned that a gluten challenge is potentially dangerous. Know when to act and bring your child to the ER for dehydration. Kids get dehydrated so fast!
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#641147 Son (8) Sneaks Gluten Foods

Posted by on 22 September 2010 - 03:02 AM

I'm going to try and suggest a whole family solution. Hopefully some bonding while the kids learn lifeskills.
You said your son is 8. Assuming you don't want him living in your basement when he is 40, he might go off to college or just move out someday. Depending on his birthday, you only have about 10 years to teach him how to cook and bake gluten free.
Foodie dad needs to take an active interest in the gluten free recipes out there and teach his son what he knows in the kitchen. The rest of the family will "follow their nose" and taste test everything.
Put together a recipe organizer for his favorite recipes. (Let me tell you it is really nice to have your son make a meal or two around the house. The mess is worth it, clean it together ~God knows some boys just can't see dirt.)
Just another suggestion to add to the keep favorite gluten free favorites around all the time.
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#631440 Thyroid

Posted by on 13 August 2010 - 10:56 AM

I was on thyroid medication for Hashimoto's thyroiditis for 10 years before going gluten free. I was able to cut down the dosage after going gluten free.
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#630229 Anyone Here Use Knitting To Help Cope With Celiac And Gluten Sensitivities?

Posted by on 08 August 2010 - 05:04 PM

I just started knitting when I was having problems with the gall bladder that came out in February.
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#630227 New To Forum Lots Of Questions

Posted by on 08 August 2010 - 04:59 PM

Well it is a good thing your diagnoses came before going through surgery and trying to heal when your body is in overdrive hurting itself!
I don't know about the different valve choices and how Celiac determines one or another.
Going gluten free is a life changing "grieving" process. You find out who your friends are. Your tastebuds adjust.
You can even dream about food. You will find it is a lot easier to travel with a stash of food.
This is a great place to be taken under someonw's wing. You can vent here, and some one will understand exactly why that situation is a reason to vent.
Don't start out on all the gluten free "replacement" pre-made products yet. Give your tastebuds some time to forget wheat.
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#627216 Chelsea Clinton - Gluten Allergy

Posted by on 28 July 2010 - 09:17 AM

Is that why the have rented the finest in porta potties too!!?
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#626615 Body Building Success!

Posted by on 26 July 2010 - 06:45 AM

Nice picture! Very nice indeed!

I'm afraid if I got back to my six pack days, I would be stuck in front of every mirror I passed. I probably wouldn't have the heart to cover up those abs with a shirt. That would be bad- I live in Michigan!
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#626276 *lucy's* Cookies........ Anyone Tried Them?

Posted by on 24 July 2010 - 08:26 AM

If you are looking for an awesome pre-made gluten free cookie, try Liz Lovely. My favorite is the choclate fudge! Order on-line by the case and use the code Liz Rocks (no spaces) for a discount. Gluten eaters love them too!
I've tried the Lucy's cookies and we didn't have any reaction problems. The Lucy's doesn't even compare as real cookies compared to Liz Lovely.
Ingredients for Gluten free chocolate fudge....
evaproated cane juice*
fair trade chocolate chips*
cocoa liquor*
cane sugar*
cocoa butter*
soy lecithin*
vanilla extract*
rice flour*
palm fruit oil*
vermont well water
fairly tradedcocoa*
potato starch, tapioca starch,
unsulpured molasses*
vanilla extract*
baking soda, sea salt, xanthan gum
*certified organic ingredients
contains SOY

and yes there is a CYA statement about the facility also using wheat, peanuts, and tree nuts. The chocolate chips are produced in a facility that uses dairy.
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#619967 Getting Married, Scared For My Future Children

Posted by on 28 June 2010 - 06:24 AM

I think you would make a great parent. You are already thinking about the well being of your children. You are accepting what the parents here have told you here. Every pregnancy is different. Children are thier own little person even in the womb. I kinda think, they are the greatest gift you never knew you wanted. You get to find out who they are and nurture the talents you find.
Who knew I would ask my daughter to draw something? I wait for her to finish, like I'm waiting for a Christmas present.
Who knew I would buy my first baseball mit when I was 35? My son has been playing baseball for about 4 years now, and I can switch hit just like him. Now that he's bigger I need catcher's protection. :o

You will find yourself doing things you never thought you would do in a million years. i.e. trying to catch your kids puke with your bare hands. :rolleyes:

I wish every one would stop to consider what being a parent means, before they have kids.
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#600786 Should I Try This To Get Better?

Posted by on 25 March 2010 - 06:22 AM

You had better be under a doctor's strict care.
Children can not sustain enough caloric intake with neocate and splash, and usually end up on feeding tubes. Most allergic reactions happen because of the proteins. That is why this formula is amino acids. It somewhat proves it is an "allergic" type reaction that is happening.
Have you even tried allergy testing? You really should be working with a gastro doctor to determine if there are other causes. i.e. H. Ployri, Eosiniophils, parasites, and quite possibly Lyme disease. All underlying causes that would make a neocate liquid diet extremely dangerous.
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#488323 Chocolate Chip Cookies

Posted by on 28 November 2008 - 03:35 PM

I just use the Pamela's mix and the directions on the bag. I do not flatten them down at all, just drop the spoonful on the tray and bake. :D
People rave about them! Gluten eaters beg me to make them some. :rolleyes:
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#85868 Christmas Food Gifts

Posted by on 20 December 2005 - 08:12 AM

Bring them to share at the next gathering, or pass them on to someone special. To put good chocolates in the trash is the worst thing I ever heard of. I wouldn't eat them because of possible cross contamination.
If chocolate covered cherries are a particular favorite of your husband, try making them yourself. Ask this person for their recipe and tips.
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