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#829718 Anyone Else Feel Like They Were Trained To Ignore Their Body?

Posted by on 14 October 2012 - 06:42 AM

You post hit home with me! Oh, the tests I have had because my doc didn't think of celiac or when I finally thought of it, she didn't believe me.

I have had
-lots of 'female' examinations
-my gallbladder checked out & ultrasounded
-3 colonoscopies in 20 years (different docs as I lived in different places)
-all sorts of reflux meds
-joint pains and blood tests to determine why
-headaches and some vision issues

Then 10 years ago I got exteremely sick with a bad virus, couldn't keep food in, lost 5 pounds I didn't have to lose - ended up getting another scope to look for IBD or ulcerative colitis. By the end of the week I was in the ER getting two bags of fluids IVd in and a shot in my butt to stop the spasming of my gut!

It took me a year to learn how to eat without getting sick (some denial too of course). Negative blood test. Endoscope...well, my doc didn`t tell the gastro to look for celiac, only GERD damage...by then I was essentially gluten-free anyway as it took a few months to get in for the scope.


THese days - essentially no GERD (reflux). Joint pain issues but stomach issues mostly gone - dairy & I don`t agree much but I eat carefully without gluten.

My doc has since retired and my new one doesn`t seem to totally trust my self celiac diagnosis but who cares - I told him I could be a gluten detector and I have set up my kitchen and life to avoid gluten. At least I know what to do.......so tired of feeling like a hypochondriac !
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#738623 Feel So Belittled

Posted by on 14 October 2011 - 06:20 AM

IMHO, nurses can be the worst - their solution for many things is to just throw a drug at it. My SIL & a friend are nurses and they self medicate a lot.

Anyway, sounds like you have to get your credibility back. Don't go eat out where you can't eat safely. Every time you eat unsafe food, they are going to sit there and say, see ! It's all in her head - she's eating it. Sure, you are ill afterwards but they will say that is in your head too.

I got tired of being sick, feeling ill, wanting to just lie down and tell everyone to go away. I am very strict on my diet. No one ever sees me eat something that isn't safe because I don't. After seeing that I followed this religously, passing up food, even not eating in restaurants (watching others do so) - well, they started to take me seriously. My brother & SIL took us to a pizza place for Christmas...only pizza & a salad bar. I had a couple of glasses of wine & watched everyone eat. Yee-ha....but I didn't get sick. I have taken food into restaurants.

Part of the problem out there is that people 'play' at being gluten free. Many folks say they aren't eating gluten & then do so - somewhere a doctor has told them not to eat it or they think it will make them feel better but they aren't really gluten-free. We all know it takes a lot of sleuthing & planning to truly eat gluten-free.........and we know how ill we get if we screw it up ! People think that is what we are doing.

Get your credibility back - avoid gluten like the plague, or like it's a poison - stick to it, don't argue with anyone, just do it. Set the example....good luck.
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#728258 What's The Best Way To..

Posted by on 07 September 2011 - 05:35 AM

I live in a family of 5, I'm the only gluten-free one.
The top shelf of the pantry, the fridge, and the freezer are "mine" - gluten-free stuff only. Any muffins, cookies or whatever in smaller ziplocs are mine in there - the gluteny stuff is always in big freezer bags. I label my stuff "gluten-free" anyway.
All the counters are mine (gluten-free) - I bought an island at walmart with drawers that is across the kitchen and that's where everything gluteny is. In the drawers are the gluten measuring cups, mixing spoons, plastic containers (a different brand than my gluten-free ones). All gluten sandwiches are made on the island.
It's not perfect - the sink is a mix up of gluten & non gluten dishes, the cloth I clean with can be mixed up too. But cutting boards, strainers, measuring cups & large utensils, fry pans, are all separate. It works pretty well.
I use a lot of plastic containers for food for work - but they are all different than the one DH or the kids use & everyone knows whose is whose.
Oh, we have two toasters too - one on the island, and mine on the counters. I even put a gluten-free label on my toaster (we do have company once in awhile). Be firm but figure out your own system - it is so worth it - I was getting contaminated a lot.
FWIW, I am the cook & shopper in the house so I can keep pretty good control on things - and I'm not a happy camper when I get glutened - EVERYONE knows that, haha !
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#716726 Hard To Believe What Ive Become

Posted by on 16 July 2011 - 07:28 AM

I agree with most of the posts here - Bartfull, you nailed it. It does require adaptation.

I have zero tolerance to gluten and rarely eat out, but I have also had to greatly limit dairy and soy. Occasionally I have hard cheese and I have a little half & half in my coffee..that's pretty much it. I tried gluten-free cereal with soy milk and I just can't do it.

I meet friends for coffee, or wine. ;) I was just away for a holiday and I ate two breakfasts out - ordered a couple of hard boiled eggs and a fruit plate (fruit plates are a gyp in restaurants!). Then I ate more after away from the restaurant. I ate gluten free suppers at Joes Crab Shack and Red Robins... We stay in a hotel & the first thing we do is find a grocery store & a styrofoam cooler and stock up, usually just eating suppers out. The internet is a wonderful tool to find gluten-free places to eat, though you still have to quiz the wait staff. Oddly enough, I tend to lose a little weight on holidays - we stayed near Disneyland and the Target had little gluten-free food (yogurt, sliced meat, tuna, fruit & veg)....for carbs I ate crackers I brought and Tostitos! However, I had a great holiday. When I come home I eat all the things I missed ! We've bbq'd, made sushi, baked chicken, etc....

Yeah, I agree it sucks but this whole celiac thing has definitely changed my relationship with food. Food is a source of nutrition & energy...and enjoyment...but if one is stuck with few options, it simply becomes a necessity and the enjoyment factor may not be so big (such as the lunch of an apple, gluten-free crackers, and a tin of tuna)....but it's really only the odd meal or so that becomes a make do one - we can adapt !

And yes, I have brought food into restaurants when dining with other folks. So far, no one in the restaurant has said anything and of course the folks I am with just know me & dont' care. Hey, if I'm with several other paying patrons, having a drink or coffee or whatever, well...deal with it.
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#697036 My Doctor Is An Idiot..

Posted by on 05 May 2011 - 04:46 AM

What a jerk !

I agree - body aches are big and if you look online the list of celiac symptom is huge ! This doc is obviously a hack - don't go back to him, if you need another specialist like him - ever - find a different one.

Sure, many celiacs are on the lean side but not all. I only know a few where I live but one is obese and one is average weight. Myself, I'm on the lean side but, as another poster wrote, not skinny lean.

Look after yourself - that's all that counts. Eat what you body tolerates - fortunately your mom is in the same boat & will be able to help you out a lot.
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#668943 A Couple Of Days Of Disappointments

Posted by on 19 January 2011 - 05:27 AM

I like Bob's Mighty Tasty hot cereal too - just over a cup of boiling water, stir in 1/4 cup of the stuff & simmer for 5 minutes, stir in an egg until it's cooked & add dried cranberries & walnuts....mmmm..... :D
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#635481 When You Travel

Posted by on 29 August 2010 - 06:53 AM

I always pack Pepto Bismol tablets and tylenol, advil and rolaids....for if I get zinged.

If I'm in a hotel - we quickly find a styrofoam cooler & stock it with what we can. Breakie is milk & cereal in the room (bring the cereal if nothing nearby). I pack rice crackers, Riceworks chips, lara bars, nut bars, my own salad dressings in small containers, any treats (cookies, whatever). I generally bake my own stuff but it doesn't travel well so I might by some. We buy lots of fruit. Annie Chun's rice bowls are great - esp. if you have a microwave.

Also in the cooler - gluten-free sliced meats, cheese, yogurt, etc.

Most of the chips & crackers I pack in small containers or ziplocs so I can take servings with me. I ALWAYS carry food & water in a small sling backpack....I get into trouble if I'm hungry & I don't have any of my food !

I also scope out the area on the internet looking for gluten-free food stores or health food stores and restaurants with gluten-free menus. We recently went to Nashville for a week and this plan worked well. My only real setback was eating gluten-free pasta at the Old Spaghetti Factory and suffering stomach cramps, D, and headaches all night long...and almost passing out getting ready the next morning. Ugh. I pack & plan so much because of incidences like that !!! Everytime we eat out, we take on some risk !
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