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Member Since 14 Apr 2006
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Amazon <dot> Ca

01 November 2013 - 06:44 PM

Oh my goodness !!!

So we finally got gluten-free food through our amazon...instead of just books. So....I put stuff in my cart - was going to buy $133 worth of gluten-free stuff...............................would you believe shipping was $80 (a few cents less)............REALLY?


See here's the thing....I was ordering chips, crackers, a chocolate treat, flour...........nothing really that necessary, some brands I wanted to try.........so not worth it !


Totally disappointed.


*****I have been edited due to a company spamming this forum....let me just say I am in Canada (.ca).

Common Variable Immune Disorder

17 March 2013 - 06:59 AM



I have been trying to figure out for 2 years why I hurt, why I am so tired - lots of ups & downs. Sometimes I'm fine, sometimes joints hurt a little (mostly wrists/hands/elbows...then also knees/ankles/feet), sometimes I am in agony. I have seen two different rheumatologists, had an MS scare, had a ton of blood work & astounded my doctor. Within the last year I have had pneumonia confirmed by xray once, been treated for it two more times after that.


Last week another round of bloodwork showed low IgG...just completed more bloodwork Friday to measure other Ig levels. Getting a referral to a rare blood disorder clinic. It lookds like CVID because of the joint pain (which bloodwork would confirm if IgA and IgM are low).


Finally some answers!


Anyway - anyone else heard of this, have this ?


Autoimmune....related to celiac ? Doesn't help that I am undiagnosed celiac (ie. don't have a positive test to show on paper)...I have been gluten-free for 11 years after a wicked virus.

Coping With....came Across Some Info That Might Help!

18 December 2012 - 04:54 AM

Seems like there are a lot of questions about coping when visiting family or attending social gatherings - I subscribe to the About.com celiac info and there are some helpful tips (and links to all sort of celiac articles) that people might find helpful. Here it is...



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