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In Topic: Celiac Doctor Near San Jose, California?

27 June 2009 - 12:10 PM

I saw Gary Gray at the Stanford Celiac management clinic. He does all lab work including gene testing day one/first appointment. The clinic was only on Mondays in AM I think. At least he diagnosed and then I went to local docs. I was pleased with him but others weren't. I needed diagnosis because up in Sacramento doctors were and are still oblivious!


I live in San Jose and am currently looking for a doctor to screen me for celiac disease. Can any of you folks recommend one that you've had a good experience with? I see a few listed in the doctor directory on this site but am unsure of what kinds of positive/negative experiences people have actually had with them. Please feel free to PM me or post here, I will drive anywhere in the Bay Area as needed.


The extended version of my request is as follows. I'm a 30 year old male who has had all kinds of strange symptoms over the last few months. It started with some chest pains and tender calves in both legs, at that time a EKG did not turn up any abnormalities. Then I started seeing streaks of blood in my spit, and had a CT scan which detected sinusitis and a badly deviated septum. My doctor said the bloody spit was from postnasal drip irritating my throat. I took antibiotics (Avelox, Augmentin, and Biaxin XL) for a month, and the bloody spit stopped, but the sinusitis only partially cleared up.

After that, I started having painful bowel movements and bloody stools. I had an anoscopy which found an anal fissure and hemerrhoids, and the doctor told me I was constipated (first time for this for me) and suggested I take docusate sodium stool softeners. That seemed to help the bloody stools some, and the painful bowel movements have subsided.

Following that, I started feeling dizzy all the time and developed strange sensations in my feet/legs and hands/arms. The sensations alternate between burning/tingling and itching (without rash). My doctor tested me for vitamin D and vitamin B12 levels, and I was deficient in D and in the low range for B12, so I've been taking oral supplements of both for a while, to no noticeable effect. The neuropathic burning feelings have slowly become more frequent and widespread over the last month. I also saw a neurologist and had a brain and cervical spine MRI, neither of which revealed anything unusual (outside of some neck vertebrae degeneration which is more than expected for my age) that could explain the symptoms. I was tested for heavy metal toxicology and that came up with nothing.


Today I'm still having the neuropathy (very bothersome) and have noticed some weight loss (I weighed about 140 pounds before everything started and lost about 8 pounds in the last few weeks). Bowel movements alternate between constipation and diarrhea, there isn't much middle ground. My doctor thinks I'm nuts and is chalking it all up to anxiety. He won't consider the possibility that it could be something else at all.

I only recall the neuropathy starting after the month-long course of antibiotics and can't help but wonder if there's a GI tie in -- perhaps the antibiotics did something to my GI tract that led to malabsorption of nutrients and also vitamin supplements? Anyway I'm clutching at straws here and want to at least explore the possibility of the root problem being gluten intolerance. So any help in recommending a doctor who will at least screen me without thinking I'm insane would be much appreciated!

In Topic: Sudden Spells Of Extreme Sleepiness When Glutened

17 January 2009 - 04:52 PM

This happened to me today. Even after two years you still do stupid things re Glutenings. I had a chiro appt and they do a massage first and forgot to ask. My guess its the cream.... Recall having this happen before and they checked cream and it was Vit E ??? Now I am trying to think what the final result re that was..... Anyway - today I could barely stay awake at the wheel coming home - and it DEF was NOT something I had eaten.

It may be the massage hitting a certain zone. Before I was diagnosed with celiac I saw an acupuncturist and after his treatment I would be totally wiped. I would fall asleep in car (my husband drove) and then go out cold for a few hours.

In Topic: Your Favorite Gluten Free Discovery

12 January 2009 - 12:26 PM

Glutino's english muffins. They make great toast. Much better than gluten-free bread IMO. Not cheap of course at about a dollar a shot.

Rice Chex for sure.

best regards, lm

Glutino English muffins? Really?? Where do you fnd them? I love everything Glutino but have never seen the muffins. We get Kinickkinik(sp?) and they are a bit greasy to me.


In Topic: Sudden Spells Of Extreme Sleepiness When Glutened

12 January 2009 - 12:16 PM

What you described is very concerning. Have you ruled out hypoglycemia? I had extreme fatigue with celiac disease that got better over 2 years gluten-free. However I also have been a fainter and low energy my whole life and with recent confirmation of blood sugar issues, I now suspect that my fainting problems have been due to low blood sugar. Knock on wood, I haven't fainted since I started monitoring and managing my blood sugar. What you described isn't exactly what I feel but is similar enough on some points for me to mention this. Now when I feel that way or "just tired" sometimes, I test and low and behold my BG is low.

Insist on some testing(for whatever) if you think you need it. It certainly doesn't hurt. I was dsmissed several times over the years when I brought up the possibility of blood sugar issues until I finally found a new Doc. and insisted on testing, even though I didn't fit the profile. He was suprized but I wasn't. :(

I agree with you. My blood sugar is low but my doc's dismiss everything. I get very shakey and irritable when BG is low.

Thanks though....

In Topic: Your Favorite Gluten Free Discovery

12 January 2009 - 01:54 AM

I discovered yesterday that Post's Cocoa Pebbles are gluten free!! I never expected to be so happy to see my daughter eat 'junk' cereal but she was so happy that it was 'normal' food and had Fred Flintstone on the box.
What is your favorite?

Other gluten-free cereals...
Rice Chex is now. This just occurred in the past 2-3 months.
Little Einsteins is but we cannot find it anymore anywhere.
Fruity Pebbles too

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