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Member Since 01 May 2006
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In Topic: Glee Gum

03 May 2006 - 01:27 PM

why? if it has splenda or aspartame in it is that bad?


I assume it doesn't have aspartame or splenda but does someone who has the gum confirm this?

also, does it taste any good and does it last compared to regular gum? I had some peelu gum I tried for a little while that tasted okay but the taste died fast and the gum broke apart... had to stop using it cause soy lecithin was in it anyway..

In Topic: Celiac And Interstitial Cystitis

03 May 2006 - 11:15 AM

Well just one (1) swallow of wine bothers me.

Fellow IC-G-Fers where can i find the list of foods that aggravate IC?

This is my theory: something i eat/drink affects my bladder (bladder is allergic?) immediately and it wants me to go and get rid of it, because it is always a small amount of urine (bladder is definitely not full).

are soy supplements for menopause bad also?

i would like to just wear a bag that urine automatically drips into so that i wouln't have to be getting up all the damn time.


Hi there - partner in IC! =) Glad we found each other. Well, I have found that, yes, alcohol affects it - especially red wine (though honestly sometimes I just bear with it for some rum). it is wierd, because it seems that some foods/drink affect me in certain ways and others affect me in others - for example, 2 glasses of red wine means frequency and urgency and pain, while 2 rum drinks (just go with it since i am already on this example) will only cause the frequency (and maybe minor urgency, but not too bad). so, i guess i have found that foods affect me categorically. Soy Soy Soy is bad bad bad, although I have been able to tolerate a very small amount (like once a month or so) an a very infrequent basis. Orange juice (though the Low Acid kind seems better), vinegar, chocolate for sure. I have the coffee problem as well (though decaf seems to only affect the frequency in small, infrequent amounts). Hmmm, I haven't though of testing sugar - my husband has a carnitine deficiency and cannot have sugar - so i eat sugar free because of him - though I have found that nutra-sweet affects me where as Splenda seems better. I am also unsure about salt - since I put it in everything, but I do think that lots of salt does seem bad (now that I think of super salty foods - yes, I think they do). Juices in general are hard (cranberry juice - especially!) but the pear juice seems ok. Oh, and finally tomatoes and anything that contains them, they cerainly affect me. And I am the same as you, before and around my period is torture - does the pain and irritation also seem to shoot through your legs? It is really awful - i always dread the days before my period for this reason. Have you seen a doctor about your IC? I have the interstim implant and it has really changed my life - though obviously not a complete cure - but the day to day is better (and sex is not so awfully painful). I would say that I have had about a 70% improvement as long as I don't eat too badly. For me, it was worth it, because even cutting out the "bad" foods was not helping (and I couldn't sleep, having to pee literally over 50 times a night and it was very painful - but never did I have an infection). anyway, as I said, it was worth it for me, so there is some hope for treatment =). Let me know what other foods affect you - because I sometimes don't think about things like sugar and salt - I wonder what else I am missing.


when you say "Aspirin" does that mean motrin/ibupropen also?

because i take them daily and don't notice any pain right after taking them.


I also have had bladder problems, even though it was never diagnosed as anything but an irritated bladder or bladder infections.

Anyway, the reason I am answering the two of you is, that you sound like you might be having an intolerance to salicylates. Here is a link to another thread that might shed some light on this for you. Look at the lists and see if you don't recognize other things that cause a problem.

The ultimate test is to take Aspirin (as it is salicylic acid). If you don't react to it, then it can't be salicylates that are the problem (I am testing the Aspirin tomorrow to know if I am intolerant to them myself).

Link to thread on salicylates

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