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Member Since 14 May 2006
Offline Last Active Aug 11 2010 11:12 AM

Blog Entries

Kaycee's Blog > Why Does It Always Rain On Me?

Posted 08 October 2007

We all have our secrets, some big some small, some we would like to share, and others we just want to hide away from.
Bolts come out of the blue when least expected and can have the most profound effect on you.
Sons are for keeps and sons keep me going,  I would hate to think where I would be without my sons, all four of them.  I would like to think we are...

Kaycee's Blog > Getting Warmer

Posted 01 October 2007

Life hasn't crumbled.

Summer is just around the corner.

My second son Andrew came home from Australia. He has adapted to my gluten free life quite well.  He is a bit hesitant to eat what he perceives as my food, but I tell him to help himself, the only things he can't touch would be my tuna, bread and mueslis.  The rest I eat is not typically...

Kaycee's Blog > Back Again

Posted 26 June 2007

Life is crumbling.

Funny how when you think things are peachy, things all of a sudden end up pear shaped.

I have two sons in Sydney, Australia, they have been there for coming on 10 years.  Their father, my ex husband has been a major part in their lives over there.  I thought things had been fine, they have both been working, one son even managed to set...

Kaycee's Blog > Doubting Thomas

Posted 06 May 2007

Went to the doctors today for a general health check.

I did ask him if he could be 100% positive that I had coeliac, and he had to admit that he should've done a biopsy earlier on, as when I had the biopsy done it had been a whole year since I went gluten free. But he did mention that the blood results pointed to problems with gluten.  He did say I had...

Kaycee's Blog > Been A While

Posted 04 May 2007

Yes it has been a while since I've blogged.

Not much has happened, just been working hard and trying to get on.

A couple points of interest this week:  

1) a fellow worker looking over my shoulder and saying "you can't eat rice, it has gluten in it."  So I proudly pointed out that I was eating sausage as well!  She is just one of...

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