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Member Since 15 May 2006
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Topics I've Started

Milk Aftertaste Without Milk(?)

12 March 2008 - 09:08 AM

Kathryn recently complains of nausea and a burping aftertaste " like she had milk"...but prior to the onset - she hasnt had any dairy at all. She gets flushed cheeks, nausea and abdominal pain below her belly button.
Any ideas what woul give her a "milk aftertaste"?? She describes it as gross and that it increases the nausea.

Food - As Rewards / Food For Pets

03 March 2008 - 11:47 AM

This is kinda 2 topics in one.

I also do not understand the food rewards for kids in school. The "rewards" are usually candy or junk food. Not a bowl of grapes and some cheese. Not extra play time outside - what kid wouldn't want to run and play for 15 mins as a reward? Why not high five very kid in the class and say "Great job!" Good points have been made about childhood obesity and fitness - yet the teachers forget that whole aspect.
My kids are in junior high and they still do it at that level. and they are even worse at letting me know ahead of time. Double whammy for my son when they "surprise the class" with food. he is diabetic and celiac so if he hasnt planned ahead...he gets to watch everyone eat...one teacher always hands out candy.
The other thing they do is have "movie class" if the class has been doing their work...they watch movies like Shrek, Miss Congeniality, Shanghi Noon...
Okay - ummm... arent they SUPPOSED to be working at school?..why reward expected behavior with food or movies?
If they have extra class time - why not do curriculum related stuff - an extra science experiment for fun....in math - teach the kids how to play old fashioned games like checkers or chess...
What I found out is - the teacher uses the movie class as a time to catch up on their stuff.

Then there are the pets, I am an animal health tech so this is a topic I know well. I just saw a cat food commercial - for a cat food that has meat, whole grains, fruits and vegges incorporated...so that cats can eat the way nature intended
hmm okay - they are obilgate carnivores, the way nature intended was for them to eat meat. Never seen one picking fruit or grazing on grain. They do eat grasses and legumes but it might make up 5% of their diet - if that.
Treats are used as rewards for dogs, then we wonder why they beg. Training using food rewards does not mean they get it everytime, rewards can be a pat on the head or "good dog" and treats used intermittedly. The reason? If you reward a pet everytime with food- they only do the desired behavior (coming when called, sit etc) if they see food or are enticed by it.

By giving rewards all the time to kids...
We are teaching the children that they only behave well if there is something in it for them - a reward. They don't just do well because that is the correct thing to do - they perform based on the tangible reward. .. and we wonder why there are kids out there who aren't just pleased with themselves for a job well done...that they need to reward themselves with food, a movie or go buy something.... because that is what they are taught is how to "reward themselves for doing well".

Okay so long rant started by seeing stupid pet food commercial, then reading post about food rewards...then well...probable PMS :o :lol: :huh:

Scoliosis Anyone?

26 January 2008 - 12:22 AM

Sigh...you can tell from my signature that my daughter just cant win some days. She now has been diagnosed with scoliosis. A reverse S curve in the thoracic spine ...only at 15 degrees right now and they will watch it closely...explains her rib hump and back pain...
I know its mild but I am in the coping mode right now where we have just learned about it and its like ....for crying out loud, doesnt she have enough to deal with?????????!!

Feeling sorry for my kid and hoping for a non progression in the curve...


Pas Type 3

05 January 2008 - 12:57 AM

Well i finally got the results back on my daughter ...they did genetic tests in June.
HLA-DRB1 *04 and DQB1*302. Statement by geneticist: HLA subtyping shows that she does have 2 subtypes associated with Type III polyglandular autoimmune syndrome. Of course HLA typing is not diagnostic for this condition but does lend support to the diagnosis...they go on to say that she is at increased risk for Addison disease even though it is not part of type III - she can convert ot type II if it develops.
My understanding is that she is at risk for more autoimmune illness and it may explain why low dose aspirin keeps her feeleing well - although lately she always says her "glands hurt" and her mouth is dry....the "glands" she says hurt - are her salivary glands....sigh
More trips to pediatrician..

She is only 15 but already as seen more doctors than most 60 yr olds!!

Good And Not So Good Relatives

07 October 2007 - 09:50 PM

Well today we celebrated Thanksgiving at my sister in law's place. she is absoutely great about gluten free. She made a gluten free dessert, had me bring the stuffing so it would for sure be "clean", another sister in law cooked a small turkey without stuffing at her house and saved the drippings so gluten-free gravy could be made. She also brought a salad but did not add the dressing to it until my kids could take some. (the dressing had worstershire sauce in it). It was planned as to who would bring what etc. Even had one table designated gluten free zone. There was 21 of us so needed more than one table! :o

So this sounds great ......until a third sister in law (this is all hubby's side of the family) shows up with a "choc fountain", a ham she cooked with some kind of glaze, and angel food cake. None of which was asked for... Her entire family was so ignorant about everything - brother in law dipped the angel food cake in the choc and in dragging it back to his open mouth he dripped choc across the bowl with the gluten-free dessert (contaminating it since the choc was drippin off the cake) :angry:

The hostess SIL was fit to be tied and my kids now can't have the gluten-free dessert or even try the choc dip thing (there was fruit for it too).......kids couldnt even have the fruit cause one of the younger boys dragged his dripping cake across the fruit tray - drip, drip, drip. :(

So many people trying so hard and ruined by inconsiderate ones! While it was being pointed out that my kids could no longer eat any of it and why - they just kept dipping and talking, not really caring.

Thanks for reading my vent - these big meals are hard enough without dealing with rudeness


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