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#141145 Vaccines?

Posted by on 18 May 2006 - 06:19 PM

Some more websites to look for. www.nvic.org, www.thinktwice.org, www.mercola.com (do a search for vaccines). Also Dr. Blaylock, (do a google search for Dr Russell Blaylock vaccines) the neurosurgeon who wrote about excitotoxins says to definately avoid the live vaccines and if you get the others space them out six months apart. Dr. Blaylock has also written about the dangers of the flu vaccine with thimerosal and aluminum. If taken 5 years in a row it increases your chances of developing alzheimers is ten times higherI have also read that the pharma's want to mandate all vaccines. It's a big mess. Vaccines still have aluminum in them. More vaccines are being created to give to kids because of other vaccines they've gotten causing problems. Diabetes, Neurological diseases, Autism and related disorders and I don't remember everything else is in part due to over vaccinating. The human body isn't being allowed to develop any immunites. What is left is a life of boosters. My oldest has had all her vaccines, my next oldest won't get his last batch and my youngest only had up to his two month vac's. I have a friend that is a fam med doctor and she has only got the HIB for her newest son. She may get more after he's 2 yrs. I have also read to wait until they are 2 to give there immune system time to develop as well as everything else that is going on in their little bodies.

Just some more food for thought. :unsure:
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