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Member Since 18 May 2006
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Topics I've Started

Morphine-vicodin gluten-free?

27 June 2006 - 09:58 AM

So i had to go to the ER Sun night because I have a sprained neck ( kids roughhousing)....ive had previous injuiries to my neck so it easily becomes inflamed again......anyways I couldnt move at all and was having severe spasms that left me screaming in pain. I was given morphine and sent home with prescriptions..skelaxin and vicodin.
I woke up the next morning sick and vomiting. Which let me tell u is excruciating when your neck hurts and is in spasms. Just wondering if any of those medications has gluten..ive been trying to look it up online but cant seem to find it. Or if its probably just the side effect..i know narcotics can cause nausea. I let the dr know i have celiac..but as u all know they dont always know what they're doing.
Thanks in advance!

Sensitive Skin

22 May 2006 - 12:24 PM

Does anyone else have very sensitive skin? I find that I cant wear earrings, both my ears are pierced but hurt within 15 minutes of any earrings..even the sensitive skin type/gold/silver/etc
A necklace I wore yesterday gave me a itchy rash (benadryl helps)... Even my wedding ring has now given me a reaction (its white gold) so i stopped wearing it.
Also the adhesive from hospital tape gives me a terrible rash. While hooked up to heart monitor for a week, I was left with what looked like burned skin the shape of the sticky pads and it lasted for months.
Might this sensitivity get better the longer Im on the gluten-free diet and my body starts to heal? Or maybe the adhesive has gluten and that caused the reaction?
Anyone else with similar problems?

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