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I'm Hungry

Member Since 01 Jun 2006
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In Topic: Dear Pizza Hut.....i Hate You........

05 June 2006 - 01:21 PM

The Krispy Kreme Burger.....that was something that the comedian Jim Gaffigan predicted would happen - he's HILLARIOUS, you should check him out. He makes fun of America's obsession with foods and mixing different foods. He makes a lot of fun of the Hot Pocket. I can't even tell you how funny he is - and sadly, what he makes fun of are true things that we do.

In Topic: How Do I Deal With This?

01 June 2006 - 11:10 AM

Greetings from the 'boro -

I found this website last week and have been using it as a guide for daily living since I have practically diagnosed myself as celiac. I have a plethora of symptoms and different allergies. I'm at the end of my rope - no doctors care to help (they think I'm a hypochondriac) and I've given up on them. My mother died the day I got an allergy test (July 1, 2005) of an unidentified stomach cancer - she was only 39. Not a single test showed that she had cancer but a doctor said that it was wrapped around her intestines when he attempted to perform a surgery on scar tissue in her stomach. So, needless to say, I'm a little worried and VERY sick of being sick! So...if you don't mind, please continue reading and I am happy to accept any and all information/help that you all may provide!

I started college in 2001 and was in the best health of my life. I worked out everyday and ate very healthy - all veggiess/lean protein/and fruit! I was 122 lbs and then one fateful day (in March) I began my battle with constipation, gained 15 pounds within 1 week (I had to wear my roomates clothes to class it happened so quick) and have gradually gotten more plump since - I'm at 160 now. I had severe pain in my stomach and tried everything to use the bathroom with no success. THe school infermery concluded that I have IBS, GERD, lactose-intolerance and stress - whoop-dee-do! This continues...

In 2004, I had a colonoscopy and an adenoma polyp removed. This started a ton of blood tests which were inconclusive for thyroid problems/chrones/celiac...I found a doctor that would sit and listen to me and actually care what I told her; she tested for thyroid and the test came back as me having a 9.04 tsh level - she called to tell me the day that I was moving to another city. I went to a new doctor once I moved who told me (after a blood test) that my tsh was fine and that I was too young to have a thyroid problem. Hah.

7/1/05 Prick test for allergies...the nurse joked that she was going to "place you (me) in a bubble and send you to Alaska!" I was allergic to everything that I tested for except for Chocolate. This included WHEAT, soy, dairy, melons, trees, grass, animals, etc.

I got married in April and the 16 weeks before the wedding, went wheat-free. I felt slightly better and was not as bloated as before. I tried adding it back during my honeymoon and got sick as a dog (I wanted to vomit but couldn't, instead, got diarrhea).

So...here I am today. I try to avoid wheat and lactose as they seem to triger my worst symptoms. I keep coffee and fiber at hand in hopes of a BM once a week. I am so bloated/distended that I barely fit into any of my clothes; even shirts that I bought last week won't fit now (and no, I haven't dried them).

I am miserable! I'm losing my mind, I can't remember anything, I can't stay awake throughout the day and I have no energy after work to even drive comfortably. If I eat ANYTHING consistently - as in more than 2x a week - I will become instantly intolerant for months. Bananas are a good example. If I have 1 banana, no repracutions, 2 bananas, still okay - 3rd banana within 7 days - my throat will swell, tongue will breakout and lips will swell. I keep a "geographic tongue", a constant skin rash of sorts, always have either hiccups/gas/burps - sometimes all 3 at once, migraines, joint pain, swelling in my hands/feet, I haven't had a period in 2 months and I'm not pregnant ( I tested)...the list goes on and on- I get hives from my own sweat!!! I'm really lost and feel helpless and hopeless.

I'm so sorry for such a huge post and I am sooooo grateful for any advice.

Thanks to you all for listening - anxious for a new lifestyle.

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