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Member Since 24 Feb 2004
Offline Last Active Aug 29 2014 11:06 AM

#833748 Medications Containing Gluten?

Posted by lovegrov on 01 November 2012 - 06:41 AM

IMO, if the manufacturer is actually listing allergens and wheat isn't there, it's going to be safe.

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#833746 Myths About Gluten In Everyday Non Edible Objects?

Posted by lovegrov on 01 November 2012 - 06:38 AM

I've always liked the example of water. If water could pass through the skin barrier, we'd all drown.
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#825417 Most Evil Wife Ever

Posted by lovegrov on 25 September 2012 - 06:25 AM

Now, for the next 3 years or so, you have the best way to bring snacks in anywhere......THE DIAPER BAG!

But please, please, please don't bring that baby to the movie.

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#822144 Getting Worse

Posted by lovegrov on 07 September 2012 - 12:53 PM

Most people with celiac would NOT still be suffering two weeks later. It could be something else. I can be very hard to determine whether you're having a gluten reaction, food poisoning or a stomach bug.

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#820397 The 100% Positive Thread

Posted by lovegrov on 29 August 2012 - 12:53 PM

No DH, mouth blisters gone, and it was celiac disease, not non-Hodgkins lymphoma, causing my illness. And I quit smoking while I was ill.

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#820000 Non-Supportive Husband While Going gluten-free

Posted by lovegrov on 27 August 2012 - 07:31 AM

"I wonder if it's Italian thing..."

Except that Italy is one of the most celiac conscious places in the world because they have one of the highest rates of celiac. I think it's in Italy that ALL children get tested for celiac.

Annie, it might take your husband seeing you get really sick from crumbs to bring him around. It shouldn't take that but it might. My main advantage was that my whole family saw how ill I was and how long I spent in the hospital and off work, and then they saw it all go away simply because I quit gluten, so they never questioned the damage it can do to me.

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#815677 Being Celiac In America Is Unacceptable!

Posted by lovegrov on 02 August 2012 - 07:27 PM

Kraft clearly lists any gluten if they know it has it. Kroger has been very conscientious for many years. You're actually complaining about two pretty good companies.

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#814107 Salad Dressings (U.s.)

Posted by lovegrov on 27 July 2012 - 04:58 AM

In the U.S., the VAST majority of dressings are gluten-free. And because wheat has to be listed, reading ingredients for dressings is usually easy. I'm sure there are some dressings somewhere that use barley, but I can't name them, and it would most often be listed as malt anyway.

Kraft will always clearly list any gluten so there's no mystery about reading Kraft dressing ingredients. If it doesn't say wheat, rye or barley, it's gluten-free. I also use Marie's and even Kroger after checking for wheat. We also use Good Seasonings Italian dry mix to make our own Italian.

Overall, dressing really is pretty easy.

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#807259 Chick-Fil-A

Posted by lovegrov on 29 June 2012 - 07:54 AM

The fries are ALWAYS cooked separately.

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#794037 Labeling Laws For Drugs Are Almost A Reality.

Posted by lovegrov on 08 May 2012 - 08:12 AM

Takal, I guess I've gotten pretty cynical about Congress. There's been a bi-partisan bill out there for more than a year now that both sides agree will help keep cancer medicines for kids in better supply and therefor possibly save lives, and yet they can't get it passed. The Republican House speaker blames the president (which is total BS) and the Democrat Senate majority leader says that's the way the Senate works. What crap. I sent in my letter, though.

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#792703 When Going Gluten Free Isn't Enough

Posted by lovegrov on 02 May 2012 - 06:43 AM

Wow...this is all so complicated...I'm new to this all and just starting my food diary...so overwhelming!

Just tio give you a little encouragement, the vast majority of people with celiac who I know personally do NOT have other food sensitivities to worry about, or if they do have any it's something pretty simple. Certainly, if you continue to have problems you should look into other possible food issues and I DO think it's important not to imagine that every time you feel bad gluten is the culprit, but I simply disagree with the notion that MOST people with celiac have multiple sensitivities.

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#792262 gluten-free Beers Which Taste Most Like Coors Light Or Michelob Light?

Posted by lovegrov on 30 April 2012 - 12:43 PM

I have to say it: Back in the day, I didn't consider Coors Light to taste anything at all like REAL beer.

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#792132 Does Dermatitis Herpetiformis React Well To Regular Antibiotics?

Posted by lovegrov on 29 April 2012 - 07:11 PM

Dapsone, which seems to be more correctly called an anti-bacterial, does indeed treat the symptoms of DH (I took it for 20 years), but it has different action that what most people think of as your standard antibiotic. And, yes, others sulfa drugs have some effect but are generally less effective. You cannot just start popping any old antibiotic (which would be a bad idea anyway) and get rid of your DH symptoms. It simply doesn't work like that.
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#792131 Chicken Feed?

Posted by lovegrov on 29 April 2012 - 06:59 PM

"I have been told that any liquid that is injected into chicken would be broth containing gluten."

Absolutely, positively, without question 100 percent false.

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#792130 Donating Blood

Posted by lovegrov on 29 April 2012 - 06:57 PM

Good gravy, folks. Undigested food particles in your bloodstream? Passing celiac along in a blood transfusion? Things are getting mighty weird here.

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