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Member Since 24 Feb 2004
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Eating by blood types

25 February 2004 - 10:46 PM

I totally agree with you! It is not just your imagination. I really believe no one should eat gluten and I'll go as far as saying I believe no one should eat grains. I have read a lot about the Paleolithic Diet which essentially argues that our DNA is nearly unchanged since Paleolithic times (before the use of fire for cooking) yet we are not only eating foods that were toxic then (because these foods...i.e grains, beans, potatoes need to be soaked and cooked in order to make them digestible) we are eating them in obscene abundance laced with pesticides, stripped of all nutrients and processed into Toaster Strudels!!!! All ready to be MICROWAVED!

I look around when I'm in line at grocery stores and I obsess about how UNHEALTHY everyone looks as I overhear people in front of me discussing Ethel's diabetes and people in back of me discussing Tony's cancer. I can't help but peek in their carriages...only to find...you guessed it......TOASTER STRUDELS!!!! I want to get on the loud speaker and announce, "Put back the toaster strudels! They are killing you!" But I think they'll call security on me.

Okay it's really late and I need to remember...Gentle guidance...that's how you have to win them. I wait for the smallest opportunity to discuss what I've read when people are ready to listen. Many are, it's simply a matter of proper timing and not overwhelming them with too much info all at once. I have found that their are many people willing to discuss "Low Carb Diets" and this is my "in" for discussing the negative impact of gluten. I find I tune so many out when I bring up the subject of celiac. It's too unknown to them and therefore too difficult to grasp, the cancer subject scares them speechless, but the subject of weight loss in our vain society always makes for a lively conversation.

Enterolab Negative Results

24 February 2004 - 08:22 PM

Hi Everyone-
I'm new to this board and have some definite questions regarding proper testing. My 22 month old daughter is most likely Celiac. Her first year and a half of life was a blur of colic, chronic diarrhea and one strange test result after another with no real answers from the "specialists". Finally we went to a Naturopath who recommended a gluten/casein free diet and we finally saw some improvements. By the time we got referred to a gastroenterologist we had been through the mill with the Hematologist and Allergist. Because she had been on the gluten free diet for some time the GI could not perform the biopsy and we agreed not to risk her health by challenging her at this point. She was in the 3rd percentile for weight at that time and could not afford to lose more weight. Because she is IgA defiecient and had a number of other symptoms the GI said she could say with 90% certainty that she has celiac disease. She asked that we get the bloodwork done for my husband, my 4 yr old daughter and myself. We all went through our individual primary doctors and my results and my husbands results were both negative (still waiting on our other daugther's results). We had the tTG IgA, tTG IgG, Gliadin Antibodies IgA, and total IgA serum. Granted they were processed through Quest and by the looks of it people on this board have generally found them to be inferior.

I have done so much research on this subject and I highly suspect I have celiac disease. I also had poor weight gain during early childhood, am of short stature now, had recurrent miscarriages, the whole celiac disease bag. I as on a gluten free diet (which began primarily because I was breastfeeding) but purposely went off it for some time just to be tested. I was feeling so much better on the diet. It is my opinion that gluten (amongst most other grains and dairy) are not good for anyone but to say that in a carb crazy world is risking great criticism. I am willing to just go gluten free on the sheer fact that it makes me feel better, but I also struggle with the lack of validity the test results can give to back you up in the medical establishment (because "feeling better" is not enough proof that gluten free is healthier). And on some level (I know I'll get over this with a bit more time) I feel I need this validity with my family, many who suffer similar symptoms as myself but don't seem to take this seriously and keep asking me if my daughter will "grow out of it" because they think I am torturing her with denial of goodies (yet she doesn't even know what she's missing). I also feel I could use the validity for myself when I'm just dying for that cookie!!!

So my questions are:
(1) Does anyone here have a child with celiac and neither parent has positive results? Wouldn't at least 1 parent need to have the gene? And if that is the case wouldn't it be wiser to avoid gluten even if celiac disease hasn't yet developed enough to register a positive test?
(2) Has anyone tested NEGATIVE with EnteroLabs? From what I've read on this board it seems everyone gets a positive diagnosis from them (including spouses). While I'm the first person to believe that most, if not all the world should not be eating gluten and may in fact be intolerant of it, I question any lab that consistently gives the same results (positive or negative). Whereas, a positive diagnosis would make my life easier, I do want a legitimate answer. Guess I'd feel more willing to pay if I knew ocassionally people do get a negative results through EnteroLab.

I just want to be done testing whether or not I ever get a positive result. I am actually eager to get back to a gluten free diet. I am so incredibly irritable on gluten that I can't stand to be around myself.

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