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Member Since 26 Feb 2004
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Gluten "allergy" Mentioned On Tonight Show

09 November 2004 - 10:24 PM

On Leno on 11/9/04 (it may have been a rerun I didn't catch the opening) Eddie Izzard, a British comedian, mentioned his gluten "allergy." Leno wanted to know what exactly it was he was allergic to and Izzard mentioned gluten. Leno had never really heard of it and Izzard said something to the effect of gluten being tiny little animals that lived in wheat. Said he broke out with tiny little "glutens" all over his body. It was pretty funny. He said something like "apparently it's really bad stuff and no one's eating it anymore." Ha, yeah. Wanda Sykes said she had heard of it and chimed in saying she didn't care as long as it wasn't in beer. Ironic, eh. Oh well, maybe you've got your celeb spokesperson some of you have been wanting. Fits the bill, fair skin redhead. Guess no exposure is bad exposure.

Am I Crazy? Non-compliance...

24 August 2004 - 08:53 PM

I went back for a 3 month checkup at the GI doc today. I finished up a monthlong Gluten abstainance in April and it was horrid. Before that, my test results were borderline in all cases. I had borderline blood tests which "just maybe" indicated I should have the biopsy just to "rule out" celiac disease. The biopsy came back inconclusive. They detected the presence of antibodies that "might" be indicative of early onset celiac disease. I took the diet very seriously for the monthlong time period. I had some improvement, but it was far from alleviating my diarrhea. So I was prescribed Elavil 50mg (antidepressant which might calm my nerves and it slows peristalsis) and it helped "some" as well. I can live a perfectly normal life on the Elavil and immodium daily.

Anyway...so I go back today and my old doc left. While she insisted that she was nearly certain I did NOT have celiac disease, the new doc takes a quick glance through my chart and says she is nearly certain that I DO. She also cites new research that 1 month is not a long enough trial to see if the gluten-free diet works. So, she asks me if I want to comply to a 6 month diet. I was horrified. I was so sure I was done with that lifestyle and was infinitely thankful to be back on normal food. Tomorrow I start my senior year of college. After that I'll have likely the busiest years of my life in physician assistant school. Just the thought of how hard it was to change for one month made the possibility of 6 (or forever) seemingly unbearable. I could hardly speak and I felt tears welling in my eyes, but I said I just couldn't do it. Between work and school and the mountains of stress I just can't fathom cooking all my own meals and being "that guy" that has to send his food back and make special requests or just not eat out at all. And my doctor didn't argue! She said she understood and hadn't even been tested herself for fear SHE might have celiac disease.

I know the risks. I know I'm risking malignant cancer just so I can avoid the worries that plagued me on the diet before. I don't have celiac disease (if indeed I do) severely enough that it affects my weight or my lifestyle and I have reason to believe my diarrhea will subside when I finish college and settle down, as did my mom's.

Anyway, the purpose for the this long rant is to ask, am I crazy? Has anyone else here deliberately went against medical advice for a period of time just b/c the prospect of the diet was overwhelming? It's just that it isn't going to make me "feel" any better. Right now I feel fine on my meds. But at the same time the idea that I'm risking cancer is horrifying. And as someone going into the medical field, I never thought I'd tell a doctor "No."

I know it will only get harder to start the diet with time, and that I'm just constantly increasing my cancer risk if indeed I do have celiac disease, but is it worth waiting to see if my symptoms subside after college, or if they worsen with time? Should I get another blood test or biopsy. I don't know what I'm grasping for here, but if anyone has made it through this long post, I'd take any advice.


Gf Salad Dressings...

29 February 2004 - 02:25 PM

I'm trying to find a good Italian salad dressing that is actually gluten-free. Anyone have a favorite. Preferably low fat or fat free. I've heard Kraft's is gluten-free, and then again I've heard it isn't. I used Ken's vinagarette for a while, but then I found out none of their products were gluten-free according to the company. I can't bear to eat a salad plain, and salad is usually my only option when I dine on campus at my university.

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