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#194106 What Does A Bad Day Feel Like?

Posted by on 28 August 2006 - 10:08 AM

So I've just finished up Week 7 post-diagnosis. By and large I'm feeling pretty good. Actually starting to put a little weight back on (only a couple pounds, but it's a start). We have been very alert about gluten exposure and I'm comfortable in saying that I've been gluten free.

During the seven weeks, I've had roughly 3 bad stretches lasting a day to 4 in duration. One of them I'm able to attribute to some medication reaction, so that is understandable. The other two have been more of a puzzle. I understand that recover takes time. There will be bad days as well as good. I wouldn't say the bad days are a result of gluten. They're not as bad as prediagnosis. The nausea never builds to anything worse. The D never really becomes 'D', if you know what I mean. Soft and unpleasant, but no real cramping or explosive pressure.

So, after that preamble, what were your immediate, post-diagnosis, non-gluten caused bad days like? I have a life to lead outside of this condition, so I'm going to work and trying to do the things I've always done (without overdoing it, of course). During these bad days I've had to miss a bit of work. Any recommendations (medication or otherwise) to help get through these stretches without having to go 'hermit' for a day or so?

I'm keeping a food log (mostly to track calories) and have not noticed any connection between what I've been eating and when the bad days occur. After only 7 weeks, I'm not willing to go searching for additional food problems when it's highly likely this is part of the 'normal' recovery.

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