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  • Jefferson Adams

    Are Snickers Candy Bars Gluten-Free?

    Jefferson Adams
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    Reviewed and edited by a celiac disease expert.

      Are Snickers candy bars gluten-free? It's one of the most popular products questions we see.

    Image: CC--An Mai
    Caption: Image: CC--An Mai

    Celiac.com 01/22/2019 - We see a lot of questions about the gluten-free status of certain foods, candies, or snacks. One of the most common product questions we see is: Are Snickers candy bars gluten-free and safe for people with celiac disease? The short answer is yes! Currently, all flavors of Snickers, Snickers Dark bars, Snickers fun size and Snickers mini's are gluten-free, according to website for parent company Mars. The longer answer is that it's always wise to check, as product formulation can change, sometimes suddenly.

    Look to Manufacturers for Gluten and Allergen Information

    Manufacturers are required to list any allergens on the product label. Mars lists allergen information for each product they produce. For any given Mars product, you can learn more by going to the Mars Chocolates website. Once there, click on any product. Scroll down and click the button that says "Ingredients and Dietary Suitability." You will find ingredients and allergens listed for that product. Remember, even this information is subject to change, so double-check if you're unsure. 

    Gluten-Free Status Can Vary by Product Size

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    A size difference in a Snickers or other candies can sometimes mean a change in the gluten-free status. Always check the ingredients for minis, bite sized, regular, jumbo and popable versions of your favorite candies. Each version can be different, and they may change suddenly. Some versions may be gluten-free or gluten-safe, while others are not gluten-free or gluten-safe. This rule applies for almost all foods. Of course, avoid eating anything you’re not sure about, or which doesn’t agree with your system. Trust your gut.

    Meantime, here’s an excerpt from the Mars' website statement on dietary suitability for those sensitive to gluten and other allergens:

    “At Mars, we take food allergies very seriously because they affect our consumers. We have an extensive allergen management program which includes staff training, evaluating our ingredients and validating our cleaning procedures.

    In order to avoid an allergic reaction to food, we know you must avoid the allergen. To do so, you count on the ingredient statements on food labels to be truthful and accurate. We want you to be able to trust the information on our labels. At Mars, our goal is to provide safe, high quality food products for our consumers. Therefore, we have developed strict rules about the labeling of allergens on our products.”

    Celiac.com strives to provide accurate, reliable and up to date information to help people with celiac disease to make safe, informed choices about gluten-free and gluten-safe products.

    For more information on allergens in Snickers or any other Mars product, visit the Mars, Incorporated Policy on Allergen Labeling.

    For questions about hundreds of other popular candies, check our List of Gluten-Free and Gluten-Safe Candies

    Edited by Jefferson Adams

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    I worked for Mars for 4 years and have Celiac Disease so I know the answer. All regular size Snickers are gluten free with the exception of Fun Size or Mini Snickers. The minis are manufactured on a special line that also processes mini Milky Way and mini Twix which are not gluten free so you take a risk eating the smaller Snickers.  Milky Way Dark are gluten free but sadly regular Milky Way (my favorite) are not gluten free. 

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    I love snickers, so glad they are gluten free. I was 66 yrs old when I was diagnosed with celiac. My town was not very gluten free friendly. Thankfully my daughter lived in Colorado and when I went to visit I loaded up on bread,cereal and such.

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    I am 82 and was diagnosed with celiac’s four months ago.....I always thought celiac’s was a childhood disease. The diet issue is somewhat more complex than I had anticipated!

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    1 hour ago, Guest Kayla said:

    I am 82 and was diagnosed with celiac’s four months ago.....I always thought celiac’s was a childhood disease. The diet issue is somewhat more complex than I had anticipated!

    Welcome!  Glad you decided to go gluten free!  It can be difficult to master the gluten free diet, but eventually it will become normal.  It is easier to avoid processed foods or at least limit your choices to those with very few ingredients (easier to read the label).  Please post any questions within the forum.  There is always someone who can help and has been in “your shoes”.  😊

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    Rox pet

    Is so right I ate three mini snickers bars and I am still suffering. I was definitely Glutened it’s so unfair. 
    I don’t think Mars company listens to the people that call at all. I will never eat another snickers bar as long as I live or anything from the mars company because I think they are nothing but liars. Just to get onto their consumer advocate line it took me about 2hours.  I kept getting the message we have high-volume calls I can’t imagine they had that many calls. I finally got in touch with somebody at 6 AM this morning   From another country and he reassured me the small bars are gluten-free well I don’t think that’s true.

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    Guest lorenza valentino


    I am shocked at how the laws are not strict enough when it comes to ingredients/hidden gluten, I have learned to always buy CERTIFIED GLUTEN FREE, and I still at times get poisoned! I have realized that I have become very sensitive to cross contamination, my gastro told me 10 years ago that I was "right down the middle on the scale" (I assume a very sensitive type of celiac?)

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