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  • Scott Adams
    Scott Adams

    Banana or Pumpkin Muffins (Gluten-Free)

    Reviewed and edited by a celiac disease expert.

    This recipe comes to us from Belinda Meeker.

    3 medium ripe Banana's smashed or 9 ounces of pumpkin
    1/3 maple syrup
    1 teaspoon gluten-free vanilla (I use Frontier Alcohol-Free from Fair trade)

    Mix together and set aside.

    Toppings- 1 cup sugar and 2 teaspoons cinnamon. Mix together and set aside (place into shaker like salt or recycled pumpkin spice container).

    Muffin Mix Ingredients:
    2 cups gluten-free flour
    1 teaspoon xanthan
    1 cup packed brown sugar
    1 teaspoon baking soda
    ½ teaspoon salt
    1 teaspoon pumpkin spice
    2 table spoons buttermilk powder
    2 eggs beaten
    1/3 cup vegetable oil
    ½ cup water

    Combine all dry ingredients into a mixing bowl, make a well in the middle and add the wet, stir with a mixing spoon softly until combined--don't stir just blend. Gently fold in bananas or pumpkin mixture with a knife until blended, then let rest for 7-10 minutes and fill foil cupcake papers and place on a cookie sheet (makes 13-15 muffins). Top with topping mixture and bake at 375F degrees for 10- 15 minutes or until done. Place on wire rack until cool.

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    I made these muffins today and they were really good. This was the first homemade gluten free thing I have baked. i used pumpkin and added a cup of mini choc chips (just in case something needed to be masked). I didn't have foil liners. I made12 muffins with paper liners in a muffin pan and 9 mini muffins (no liners). My friend couldn't even tell they were gluten free.

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    I substituted 1 cup of buckwheat flour, golden syrup for maple, soy milk for water; omitted xanthum and buttermilk powder; only used half cup brown sugar...

    they are remarkably light and yummy! thanks, printing this one (with my changes!)

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    They tasted REALLY gooey and sticky. I had to cook them for about 25 min. When I took them out of the oven, they sank. Majorly. However, the flavor was REALLY good! Anyone have any suggestions?

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    Made these for a co-worker who eats gluten free...she highly rated them, said she wouldn't have known they were gluten free if I hadn't told her. I didn't use the water and buttermilk powder, subbed milk for those, and added 1 tsp. of baking powder for extra leavening, and reduced the brown sugar by 1/2 as per another reviewer. Made the pumpkin version, and added dried cranberries for a little something extra.

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