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  • Jefferson Adams
    Jefferson Adams

    Celiac Disease: The Movie?

    Reviewed and edited by a celiac disease expert.

    Caption: Photo: Chris Fondulas

    Celiac.com 05/30/2014 - Is it for a movie about the powerful effects of celiac disease? A pair of aspiring filmmakers think so.

    Jessie Hoyt, who was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2006, and her husband Chris Fondulas, have turned their experience with her celiac disease into a screenplay titled "The Curse of Don Scarducci."

    In this case, the person with the disease is a mobster, who gets diagnosed with celiac disease after symptoms interfere with his gangster lifestyle.

    Faced with a life without pizza, pasta or bread, the don changes his lifestyle and his diet, and he becomes a regular person.

    The couple recently spent time shooting in Brooklyn, with more scenes slated to be filmed later.

    The project seems to be off to an auspicious start. Fondulas' script won first place in the best short screenplay category in the 2011 L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival.

    The script was also a 100 Round Pick at the Table Read My Screenplay contest at the Sundance Film Festival that year.

    So, what do you think? Promising or kitschy sounding? About time someone did a movie with a good celiac angle? Or, why bother? Are you inclined to check it out when it’s done? Share your thoughts and comments on the project below.

    Meantime, stay tuned for the latest on this and other gluten-free stories. 

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    If it's done well - it will be a real eye-opener for people who don't know the real meaning behind celiac disease.


    I will indeed be checking it out and look forward to it!


    Hurrah for someone who has taken this insidious disease and done something to show the world!

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    Guest Patricia Black


    I liked the article and I hope to see the movie when it is out on DVD . I to have celiac disease bad and people and doctors could learn more about this disease and figure out a cure.

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    Sounds cool, I would read or watch it!! I do not have celiac disease but am sensitive to gluten or something in gluten....I also know people with the disease.

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    The television show "HOUSE" had already aired an entire episode concerning a young man with a mysterious disease that was slowly killing him. House and his staff spent the entire show trying to find out what the problem was. The show was ok as far as it went. I hope the movie does a better job of explaining what celiac disease does to daily life. Mine sure SUCKS

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    I have accepted the fact that I can never ever have the foods that I enjoyed eating.

    So, I try to make the best of things, since I cannot change anything now. It could always be worse. I would enjoy seeing this movie, it would certainly be an eye opener to the rest of the population.

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