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    EpiLynx SnowWhite Gluten-Free Skin-Brightening Face Cream

    Celiac.com Sponsor: Review

    Reviewed and edited by a celiac disease expert.

      EpiLynx SnowWhite Skin-Brightening Face Cream is designed to fade age spots and promote a more even skin tone on all skin types.

    Caption: Image: Mei Adams

    Celiac.com 12/05/2019 - If you're like most people, you've got a few dark spots on your face that you wish weren't there, and finding a high quality gluten-free face cream to deal with it isn't always an easy task.

    EpiLynx makes an excellent gluten-free Skin-Brightening Face Cream that contains the active ingredients alpha-arbutin, sepiwhite and niacinamide. Besides being gluten-free this face cream is also dairy-free, casein-free, nut oil-free, paraben-free, cuelty-free and phthalates-free, so it's unique in the skin care marketplace.

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    EpiLynx SnowWhite Skin-Brightening Face Cream is designed to fade age spots, promote a more even skin tone on all skin types, and to give you a more uniform and radiant complexion. The product is scented.

    About EpiLynx:
    Epilynx was founded by Dr. Liia Ramachandra, PharmD, PhD, who founded the company after her struggle with gluten sensitivity.

    For more info visit their site.

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