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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?

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    After many years of unexplained medical issues, I was finally diagnosed with celiac disease in 2002.  The first couple of years were a rough road traveled, but I am feeling better than I ever have.  It is important that I share what I have learned over the years with others and to do my part to help raise awareness of celiac disease.

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    Scott Adams
    Bakery on Main’s Cinnamon Raisin granola is gluten-free and packed with an amazing 9 grams of fiber per serving—when they use “Fiber Power” on the front of their package they aren’t kidding.  They use certified gluten-free oats, which is great for celiacs who include oats in their diet. 
    This gluten-free cereal tastes great—it is not too sweet, nor does it taste too strongly of cinnamon.  It is packed with raisins, which I love.  On top of this it is dairy, GMO, cholesterol and trans fat-free, and is low in sodium.  In summary, it is a great way to start your day!
    Visit their site: www.bakeryonmain.com
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    Gryphon Myers
    Nuwi Organic Gluten-Free Quinoa Smoothie with Banana
    If you follow health food trends, chances are that you've heard of the superfood pseudograin, quinoa. It is nutrient-rich, packs a complete protein, is high in fiber, etc. etc. The bottom line is that you should probably be trying to come up with a way to integrate quinoa into your diet, whether gluten-free or not. Nuwi offers an easy solution with their gluten-free quinoa smoothie with banana, which is not only gluten-free, but lactose-free with no sugar added as well.

    These smoothies are a great way to take your quinoa on the go, and they actually retain that fresh-blended smoothie quality, even though they're totally shelf-stable. They're relatively light on sugar, and pack 3g of fiber and 3g of complete protein in one tiny 10 oz., 160 calorie bottle. They're worth a try, especially if you've been looking for a way to up your quinoa intake.
    For more information visit their site.

    Note: Articles that appear in the "Gluten-Free Food Reviews" section of this site are paid advertisements. For more information about this see our Advertising Page.

    Celiac.com Sponsor: Review
    B'Bites Gluten Free Peanut Butter Crisp
    All Natural Bites has created a healthy snack bite that is raw, all natural and gluten-free.  
    What I also like about this product is that it does not contain either soy, dairy or sugar!  The Peanut Butter Crisp is chewy and has just the right amount of peanut butter flavor.  
    These are truly “bites” and are the perfect size to satisfy a craving for sweets, without unnecessary or harmful ingredients.  If you try these, be sure to purchase several bags as they are truly deliciously addicting, yet low in calories. 
    For more information:  www.allnaturalbites.com.
    Review written by Patricia Seeley.

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    Thank you for your reply! Here is a little more detail: I already eat super low carb (under 100 grams per day) and sugars are under 20. I agree about vacation!!! I walk three miles almost every day. I hadn't considered my snacking. OK well I *had* considered it but you know how that goes! FUnny thing is that I told myself I needed it to keep my blood sugar up. Oh that irony. I got a glucose meter last week and was astonished at what the flippin' six Luke's rice/millet/amaranth crackers
    Consider a Low Carb, High Fat, Keto or fasting diet (gluten free of course.   I have been able to keep my HA1c in the 5% range for four years following a LCHF diet.  This means not consuming grains on a regular basis (vacations exempt!), less fruit and veggies grown above the ground.   I am fasting now.  Just making sure I do not eat for 12 hours after dinner and no snacking after meals.  Just like I did as a kid!  I still stick to low carbs and avoid hunger by consuming fats that do n
    It's no secrete that foods high in nitrates (found in bacon and other processed meats, for example) seem to trigger migraines in some people. Now there is research to indicate that an abundance of certain bacteria in the digestive system may be the key to this phenomenon. These bacteria convert nitrates into nitrites that then enter the blood stream and are converted to Nitrous Oxide, a vaso dilator. It is believed that many or most headaches are due to dilation of the vascular system feeding th
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