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    Thank you for your reply! Here is a little more detail: I already eat super low carb (under 100 grams per day) and sugars are under 20. I agree about vacation!!! I walk three miles almost every day. I hadn't considered my snacking. OK well I *had* considered it but you know how that goes! FUnny thing is that I told myself I needed it to keep my blood sugar up. Oh that irony. I got a glucose meter last week and was astonished at what the flippin' six Luke's rice/millet/amaranth crackers
    Consider a Low Carb, High Fat, Keto or fasting diet (gluten free of course.   I have been able to keep my HA1c in the 5% range for four years following a LCHF diet.  This means not consuming grains on a regular basis (vacations exempt!), less fruit and veggies grown above the ground.   I am fasting now.  Just making sure I do not eat for 12 hours after dinner and no snacking after meals.  Just like I did as a kid!  I still stick to low carbs and avoid hunger by consuming fats that do n
    It's no secrete that foods high in nitrates (found in bacon and other processed meats, for example) seem to trigger migraines in some people. Now there is research to indicate that an abundance of certain bacteria in the digestive system may be the key to this phenomenon. These bacteria convert nitrates into nitrites that then enter the blood stream and are converted to Nitrous Oxide, a vaso dilator. It is believed that many or most headaches are due to dilation of the vascular system feeding th
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