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    Pie Five Pizza's Gluten-Free Cauliflower Pizza Crust

    Scott Adams
    • Pie Five Pizza is a fast-growing franchise that can be found in many states.

    Pie Five Pizza's Gluten-Free Cauliflower Pizza Crust
    Caption: Image: A pizza I made using a Pie Five Pizza crust.

    Celiac.com 01/04/2019 - When I tried it I almost couldn't believe it was gluten-free...yet it was! This is the first gluten-free cauliflower pizza crust that I've tried, and it's amazing. It has ½ the carbs and sodium of regular pizza crust, and is also low in sugar.

    Pie Five Pizza is a fast-growing franchise that can be found in 20 states, and you can follow this link to find a store near you.

    Their “home run” gluten-free pizza crust is to die for, and my only wish is that they would put a location near me so I could go to a store and get their wonderful gluten-free pizza, or have it delivered to my house.

    For more info visit their site.

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    Guest Laura


    This would be a wonderful option for those without NCGS or celiac disease.  I have made cauliflower pizza and received rave reviews.

    I have visited pizza restaurants that offer gluten-free pizza, but everything is cross-contaminated with modern dwarf wheat flour.  In the past, I've tried having only a salad at these stores & "got-glutened".

    Additionally, once celiac disease struck, that was the end of ingesting yeast, egg, and most dairy.

    The only pizza mix that is free from gluten, yeast, egg and dairy is the Namaste brand.

    If I locate a Pie Five Pizza store I will encourage my family to eat there as they too have been shaken by the "horrendous" effects & physical deterioration that gluten has caused in my life and look for gluten-free options when they go out.

    I wonder what the market would be for a totally gluten-free pizza shop?

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