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    About imaware™ At-home Celiac Disease Testing

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    • imaware™  has worked with leading medical experts such as Dr. Gaundalini, Medical Director of the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center and  Dr. Schuppan (discovered the tTG biomarker to identify CD) to develop their leading at-home CD test.

    About imaware™ At-home Celiac Disease Testing
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    Celiac.com 01/07/2018 - imaware™ is a pioneering at-home health testing platform that provides accurate and actionable at-home disease screening.  The imaware™ mission is to empower patients with the ability to accurately screen for diseases from the comfort of their own home by removing the existing barriers to testing. imaware™ believes this will  increase the likelihood of early detection and diagnosis dramatically, and earlier medical diagnosis will enable health and lifestyle adjustments that can significantly improve quality of life.

    Through the imaware™ platform, patients can easily order an at-home testing kit, take the test at their own convenience, and mail back their sample for lab processing. The tests are processed by our CLIA certified laboratory using small volume microarray lab equipment, which multiplexes multiple biomarkers,  and results are made available to patients online within 3 days.  imaware™ designs and validates each of their at-home tests alongside a panel of leading medical and scientific advisors.  

    The first test available on the imaware™ platform is for celiac disease. Celiac Disease is one of the most under-diagnosed diseases in the United States, with over 3 million Americans currently affected by celiac disease, and over 60% of those affected remaining undiagnosed. It currently takes the average patient over 5 years from recognizing initial symptoms to be diagnosed, which makes it difficult and costly to make the necessary lifestyle changes to reduce potential damage. imaware™  has worked with leading medical experts  such as Dr. Gaundalini, Medical Director of the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center and  Dr. Schuppan, who discovered the tTG biomarker for use in the identification of Celiac Disease to develop their leading at-home celiac disease test, which is currently available for $99 online.

    Home-based testing for a healthier future
    Many people could be making healthier decisions in their lives if they knew more about their health. There are many diseases that are significantly under-diagnosed, especially if the symptoms are not as  "direct" and observable. It is in these spaces that imaware™ wants to impact positive change.  Currently the imaware™ at-home test for celiac disease is available ffor purchase, and a new test to support celiac disease monitoring for those already diagnosed will launch in January 2019.

    Additional tests for rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease and prostate cancer are planned for release the coming months.

    For more information about the imaware™ and to purchase the celiac disease at-home test please visit our website.

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