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  • The Gluten Sensitivity, Gut-Health & Digestive Enzymes Link. Why a Gluten-Free Diet Does Not Work Reliably, and How to Make it "Foolproof"

      ZYGLUTEN is multi-functional because its ingredients simultaneously attack all four root-causes.  Other products (most are mono-functional) and gluten-free foods can help with one root cause, that too partially sometimes. 

    Celiac.com 05/01/2019 - Some of the symptoms and issues associated with poor Gut-Health are: 

    • Gas
    • Bloating
    • Abdominal Pain
    • Intolerance To Gluten
    • Lactose
    • Fodmaps
    • Cross-Reactors
    • Diarrhea
    • Heart Burn
    • Leaky Gut
    • Constipation
    • Acid Reflux

    Four Root Causes are:

    1. Undigested food in parts of intestines where it should not be.  
    2. Intolerance to gluten, lactose, FODMAPS (Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides & Polyols), or cross-reactors (Proteins in common foods like coffee that “fool” the body into thinking they are gluten.).
    3. Overgrowth of bad bacteria in gut flora. 
    4. Infections/Inflammation in gut 

    Regarding Root Cause #1, poor digestion of food can cause undesired fermentation in the gut which can lead to bloating, and the formation of toxins, infections, and inflammation. The effects of Root Causes 2, 3 & 4 are well known.
    A smart approach may be to treat NCGS (Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity) as an integral part of overall Gut-Health and not a stand-alone separate issue.  Support of Gut-Health can have significant, sometimes unexpected, positive effects since “all diseases start in the gut” - Hippocrates.    
    A gluten-free diet may help only with Root Cause 2, and then only partially. In a nut-shell, a gluten-free diet would work for Gluten Sensitivity only if a person:
    1) Is intolerant to gluten only and not lactose, FODMAPS, and cross-reactors.
    2) Is able to avoid “hidden” gluten & cross-contamination, 100% of the time.
    3) Has an adequate level of digestive enzymes so RC #1 does not come into play.
    4) Has optimum Gut-Flora.
    5) Has no infections or inflammation in intestines.
    All five conditions are difficult, if not impossible, to meet.  However, there is a solution.


    A dietary supplement, ZYGLUTEN, is now available which supports Gut-Health, manages NCGS extremely well AND makes GF diet “foolproof”.  It is multifunctional because it has ingredients to attack all four Root Causes simultaneously.  The product has been used effectively & safely by hundreds of doctors and thousands of consumers over last three years at a success rate of >80%.  Almost every user becomes a repeat customer. An additional proof of its efficacy is return of symptoms if dosage is stopped.  Testimonials & details are available on Amazon.com (5* rating), www.zygluten.com and Customerservice@zygluten.com.

    ZYGLUTEN contains a targeted blend of potent and diverse enzymes, helpful microbes and botanicals (turmeric and ginger) packed in a quick dissolving tapioca capsule.  The code to hydrolyze gluten extremely quickly has now been broken - gluten and other “culprits” are difficult to digest because they are surrounded by a protective “armor” formed via their complexation (hydrogen bonds, Vander Walls forces, non-covalent interactions) with starches, proteins, fats, fibers in food. The potent enzymes in ZYGLUTEN from all families (proteases, lipases, carbohydrases, amylases, cellulases) containing endo as well as exo enzymes, packed at a high loading break the “armor” and complete the digestion before “culprits” can cause problems in gut. This takes care of Root Causes 1 & 2.

    Regarding Root Causes 3 & 4, unique helpful microbes in ZYGLUTEN formulation are Lactococcus Lactis subspecies Lactis (LLsL) and Lactococcus Lactis subspecies Cremoris (LLsC). They can kill pathogens (2,10,11,12) in gut and thereby control overgrowth of bad bacteria in “gut-flora”. They are anti-inflammatory(2,3,4,5,11) and safe(5) - used in cheese making(9) industry for hundreds of years. In addition, tapioca capsule dissolves quickly (1 to 2 minutes vs 15 for gelatin) allowing 45% longer contact time between enzymes and food.  Turmeric / Ginger are also anti-inflammatory.  These factors improve ZYGLUTEN effectiveness further.


    1. Potent Multifunctional Digestive Enzyme complex which also supports Gut-Health and makes GF Diet “foolproof” - the only such product in the world as far as we know. 
    2. It has ingredients to neutralize all four RC’s of gut-health issues. 
    3. It contains helpful unique microbes (LLsL and LLsC).  
    4. Fast acting - more enzymes at a high potency, diversity & loading packed in a quick dissolving tapioca capsule.
    5.  Contains anti-inflammatory botanicals.  


    1. A comprehensive and smart approach is to treat Gluten Sensitivity as part of overall Gut-Health and not a separate stand-alone issue.
    2. ZYGLUTEN has ingredients to neutralize all four RC’s of Gut Health.
    3. Gluten-Free diet alone cannot work, RELIABLY, because it can take care of only one RC, and that too partially, and not the other three.
    4. Code to hydrolyze gluten extremely quickly was broken during ZYGLUTEN product development over 7 years by 6 PhD’s and a MD.
    5. Three critical applications of ZYGLUTEN are:
      b. Support restoration of gut-health.
      c. Make gluten-free diet “foolproof”
    6. ZYGLUTEN safety, efficacy, success rate has been confirmed over last three years.  

    Visit their site for more info.




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    I recently tried this product and love it. I have NCGS and my daughter has celiac. Neither one of us ever eats gluten but stress every time we eat out worrying about cross contamination. We've eaten out a few times over past couple of days and taken one of these each time and so far so good. We both feel great. I definitely plan on continuing to use this product when eating out.

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