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    ZYGLUTEN: A Potent Multi-functional Digestive Complex

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    • ZYGLUTEN is multi-functional because its ingredients simultaneously attack all four root-causes.  Other products (most are mono-functional) and gluten-free foods can help with one root cause, that too partially sometimes. 

    ZYGLUTEN: A Potent Multi-functional Digestive Complex

    Celiac.com 12/01/2018 - ZYGLUTEN is a targeted blend of enzymes, helpful microbes and botanicals designed to support gut-health via complete digestion of a meal containing even problematic foods. It completes most, if not all, of digestion before food leaves the stomach to prevent symptoms like GAS / BLOATING / ABDOMINAL PAIN / DIARRHEA. Twenty-two potent & diverse enzymes, packed at high loading in a tapioca capsule hydrolyze all types of foods containing even gluten/lactose/ FODMAPS/Cross- Reactors before they can cause problems in the gut.  Unique microbes kill pathogens in gut and support management of issues like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Acid Reflux and Leaky Gut.  Botanicals turmeric and ginger help reduce inflammation.  ZYGLUTEN was developed because Gluten-free diet and other products were not helping suffering consumers, RELIABLY. 

    Because root cause of gut health problems is not one but four, as stated below:

    1. Undigested food in parts of intestines where it should not be.
    3. Overgrowth of bad bacteria in gut flora. 
    4. Inflammation in gut

    A word regarding root cause (1):  Undigested food in some parts of the intestines can enable undesired fermentation producing gas/bloating/abdominal pain/toxins which can lead to infections/inflammation. Effect of root causes(2,3,4) is well known.  ZYGLUTEN is multi-functional because its ingredients simultaneously attack all four root-causes.  Other products (most are mono-functional) and gluten-free foods can help with one root cause, that too partially sometimes. 

    In order to avoid ill effects of indigestion, it is critical that the whole meal, especially problematic components, are hydrolyzed before food leaves the stomach. All "culprits" (Gluten, Lactose, FODMAPS, Cross-Reactors) in food are difficult to digest because they are surrounded by a protective "armor" formed via their complexation (hydrogen bonds, Vander Walls forces, non-covalent interactions) with starches, fats, fibers in food.  The 22 potent enzymes in ZYGLUTEN are from all families (proteases, lipases, carbohydrases, amylases, cellulases), containing endo as well as exo enzymes, known as well as enzymes that have not been even discovered yet.  The proprietary combination of enzymes breaks the armor and completes the digestion in < 60 minutes (means before food leaves stomach).  This is shown in graph below using gluten as a marker for % digestion completed.  Gluten was selected as marker because it is so difficult to hydrolyze that if it is digested it means everything else is also.  In summary, the unique, diverse, fast-acting and potent enzymes along with microbes and herbs packed at a high loading in a tapioca capsule probably makes ZYGLUTEN the most potent and probably the only multi-functional Digestive Complex in the market.

    Helpful microbes in ZYGLUTEN are Lactococcus Lactis subspecies Lactis and Lactococcus Lactis subspecies Cremoris.  They kill pathogens(2,10,11,12) in gut and thereby control overgrowth of bad bacteria in the "gut flora/micro-biome".  They are also anti-inflammatory(2,3,4,5,11) and safe(5) (used in cheese making(9) industry for hundreds of years).

    ZYGLUTEN capsule is made of tapioca which dissolves in about 2 minutes in stomach environment vs about 20 minutes for gelatin capsule. This allows 45% longer time for enzymes in ZYGLUTEN to convert food/culprits into nutrients in the stomach, increasing the product effectiveness further.  

    Both, microbes and the botanical ingredients (Turmeric & Ginger), being anti-inflammatory(7,8,9) implies even higher level of gut health support. 


    1. More enzymes (22) at a higher potency, diversity & loading.
    2. Quick dissolving tapioca capsule (2 minutes vs 20)
    3. Helpful unique (kill pathogens & anti-inflammatory) microbes 
    4. Additional anti-inflammatory botanical agents 
    5. Complete gut-health support because ZYGLUTEN launches simultaneous attack on each of four root causes.

    Visit their site for more info.



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    I recently tried this product and love it. I have NCGS and my daughter has celiac. Neither one of us ever eats gluten but stress every time we eat out worrying about cross contamination. We've eaten out a few times over past couple of days and taken one of these each time and so far so good. We both feel great. I definitely plan on continuing to use this product when eating out.

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    Guest Laura


    Sounds good, thanks for the feedback.

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