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  • Kay’s Naturals Chickpea Powered Gluten-Free Snacking!

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    Reviewed and edited by a celiac disease expert.

      Pass the Peas come in 3 flavors:  Maple Bacon, Dill Pickle, and Smoky BBQ.

    Image: Kay’s Naturals Pass the Protein.
    Caption: Image: Kay’s Naturals Pass the Protein.

    Celiac.com 08/01/2020 - Kay’s Naturals of Minnesota markets high protein, gluten-free crunchy cereals & snacks they call “a protein bar in-a-bag.”  The project hits close to home for “Dr. Kay”, the food scientist who created the line. His first wife died as a result of her lifelong struggle with juvenile diabetes.  The company’s aim is to give consumers healthier choices in the marketplace. 

    The newest addition to Kay’s products is a vegan pea protein and chickpea flour-based line of snack chips called Pass the Peas. Pass the Peas come in 3 flavors:  Maple Bacon, Dill Pickle, and Smoky BBQ. Each 28g serving has 6g protein, 1-3g of sugar, and only 110-115 calories with great flavor and their famous crunch. 

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    “We have had a very enthusiastic response to this snack,” says Ann Jones Kazemzadeh, president of Kay’s Naturals. “We are delighted to add an additional plant protein-based product to our award-winning line.”  Kay’s has been collecting awards for some time. In 2017, Grocery HQ Magazine recognized Pass the Peas for a Gluten-Free Trailblazer Award as well. 

    “We have also been used and recommended by weight loss and diabetes clinics nationwide as well as sports teams, such as the Cleveland Cavaliers, Chicago White Sox, and the Miami Hurricanes,” says Kazemzadeh. “As you can, see we are really a lifestyle product”.  

    Visit our site to order, and for more info.

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