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    My feeling is in agreement with Cycling Lady,  that getting glutened from your hair products is unlikely... but not impossible. I gave away some shampoo that contained wheat protein when I began with Gluten Free at a Celiac (zero tolerance) standard. It's not hard to find hair products that are labeled gluten free, it will just maybe take a bit for you to find something that you really like, labeled gluten free. Maybe your hairdresser could help you, with some samples? Or a little
    I understand. I am 5’3” and 97 lbs. I feel like eating is a job! I get sick of having to eat so much! I even eat tons of gluten-free cupcakes, cakes and high calorie gluten-free Mexican food weekly! The weight loss has triggered severe headaches too which my neurologist worries about since I have had previous strokes. He says a severe headache or migraine can actually trigger another stroke. So he has me seeing the nutritionist weekly which has finally helped me maintain rather than the steady l
    Hi i don't recall that I had a smell per se. I do know that after detoxing after the Gluten challenge. I was sweating out at night rest time as if I was running a high fever from illness. My husband even noticed it was unusual. Are you still working at the bakery? Did you finish all your celiac testing? If so then my opinion would be to support your body in detoxing and support your gi tract in replacing microflora-probiotic to hopefully get back your homeostasis and natural scent.  It
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