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  • Jefferson Adams
    Jefferson Adams

    Lucky Charms Now Magically Gluten-free!

    Reviewed and edited by a celiac disease expert.

    Caption: Photo: Wikimedia Commons

    Celiac.com 07/06/2015 - In what is basically a response to falling cereal sales and rising gluten-free demand, General Mills has announced plans to add Lucky Charms to its stable of gluten-free cereals.

    Photo: Wikimedia CommonsThe release is part of a $712 million capital investment that will include five gluten-free Cheerios varieties this summer, and gluten-free Lucky Charms later this year.

    Kendall Powell, chief executive of General Mills, said about 30% of consumers were interested in gluten-free foods, and that taking a number of popular cereals gluten-free was part of a plan to draw those people back to the cereal aisle.

    The company projects that the addition of gluten-free Cheerios and Lucky Charms will help push gluten-free products to half of total cereal sales and 17% of total category sales.

    General Mills has been testing the gluten-free market since debuting Gluten-free Rice Chex in 2008. Time will tell if gluten-free versions of popular General Mills cereals will be enough to boost slumping cereal sales and improve the company's outlook.

    In the meantime, gluten-free eaters are once again the beneficiaries. What do you think about gluten-free Lucky Charms? Magically delicious gluten-free news? 

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    Please be aware that General Mills products are not GMO-free, and since GMOs have been connected to the upsurge of gluten intolerance beware of eating anything that contains GMOs.

    There is no credible science to support the claim that GMOs have any connection to celiac disease.

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    I am super excited about this! Now if They can ever come up with a gluten-free version of Raisin Bran I would be set! Love me some RB and LC but hate the way I feel after eating it!

    Add raisins to the gluten free Special K. Tastes like RB to me!

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    Thank you General Mills! My family and I are very excited about the Gluten-free Lucky Charms and Cheerios (especially the Honey Nut and Apple Cinnamon). I have an 8 year old grandson that LOVED these cereals before he was diagnosed with celiac disease at age 5. He still tries to talk us into buying them for him when we go shopping. Now we can!! He always feels left out and "different" when his 2 brothers get to eat things that he can't. I can NOT thank you enough. Btw, he loves the Gluten-free Chex! Thank you again for taking the time and effort to make your products gluten-free. It is VERY much appreciated!

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    I keep watching for gluten-free Lucky Charms. When will the be on the shelves? Also, I keep reading about a recall for the gluten-free Cheerios, but they are still on the shelf. Please explain. Thank you.

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