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    Tina Turbin is a world-renowned Celiac advocate who researches, writes, and consults about the benefits of the gluten-free, paleo-ish, low carb and keto diets, and is a full time recipe developer and founder of PaleOmazing.com. Tina also founded and manages the popular website, GlutenFreeHelp.info, voted the #2 .info website in the world. Tina believes that celiacs need to be educated to be able to make informed decisions and that Paleo needs to be tailored to the individual’s physiology to obtain desired results. You can reach her at: INFO@PaleOmazing.com.

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    Hi The crucial thing that noone appears to realise is that glucose syrup from wheat HAS NO GLUTEN. This was something we here in Australia were advised by Coeliac Australia a good 7+ years ago, I'd guess. In addition, dextrose and caramel (both derived from wheat) are also gluten free. So these three things, derived from wheat, don't contain any gluten.
    Based on my personal experience, start off with walking and the work your way up to jogging.  Consider swimming or water aerobics if you have access to a pool.  Moderate Exercise helps with inflammation.   https://health.ucsd.edu/news/releases/Pages/2017-01-12-exercise-can-act-as-anti-inflammatory.aspx
    I think that there has been some mis-communication.   Every drug has risks and benefits.  I took strong does of antihistamines (both H1 and H2) as prescribed by my allergist (MD) because of chronic hives, not because I was suffering from gastric symptoms.  Could the use of them activated my third autoimmune disorder (Chronic Autoimmune Gastritis)?  Who knows?  But the horrible itching that kept me awake was unbearable.  These drugs helped.  This is an article that explains why: https:/
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