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  • Gryphon Myers
    Gryphon Myers

    New Study Points to Antibiotics as Celiac Disease Risk Factor

    Reviewed and edited by a celiac disease expert.

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    Celiac.com 07/22/2013 - Celiac disease is known to be caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. The genetic markers are fairly well established by now, but the environmental factors that are associated with celiac disease are still pretty foggy. A recent study suggests that antibiotic use might be one such factor.

    In a population-based case-control study analyzing Swedish population data, antibiotic use was compared against diagnosis of celiac disease. 2,933 people with celiac disease diagnoses were linked to the Swedish Prescribed Drug Register, in order to provide a history of antibiotic use. 2,118 people with inflammation (early celiac disease) and 620 people with normal mucosa but positive celiac disease blood test results were also compared. The control group consisted of 28,262 individuals matched for age and sex from the general population.

    The results of the study significantly suggest that antibiotic use is associated with celiac disease, at an odds ratio of 1.4 (1.27-1.53 confidence interval). Early celiac disease was also connected, with an odds ratio of 1.90 (1.72-2.10 confidence ratio), as well as positive celiac disease blood tests, at 1.58 odds ratio (1.30-1.92 confidence interval). Even when antibiotic use in the last year was ruled out, the results were very similar at 1.30 odds ratio (1.08-1.56 confidence interval). When ruling out patients with additional diseases, which could potentially be factors, the results were also very similar at 1.30 odds ratio (1.16-1.46 confidence interval).

    What does all that mean? A 1.4 odds ratio basically means that people who had a history of antibiotic use were 1.4 times as likely as those who had not taken antibiotics to develop celiac disease. The fact that inflammation associated with early celiac disease was also highly connected suggests that antibiotics' role in disrupting the biology of the GI tract could in some way cause celiac disease. There is still some question of causality, but it would seem that antibiotics could very likely be a culprit in the development of celiac disease, and should be avoided when possible.


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    Considering that celiac disease is also an AUTOIMMUNE disease, and our immune systems are screwed up; celiacs will be on antibiotics more often. We don't have the immune system to combat minor illnesses like everyone else does. Seriously, you need to question why or if celiacs will be on more antibiotics than others?

    I realize I'm a bit late to the conversation; I was just doing some research and landed here. I agree that there is a question of causality, however, we can't deny the terrible effects that antibiotics have on our digestive and immune systems. I was recently diagnosed with celiac disease. My symptoms started after my dermatologist had me taking an antibiotic every day for over a year when I was in high school because I had severe acne. You think there's no link there?

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    Very interesting I was on heavy 30 day dose of antibiotics for treating prostatitis , only a couple months before I develop celiac,

    I suspect antibiotics to be the root of gluten allergy /blocked sinuses/tmj/gut flora issues. An infected cut on my hand led to a heavy treatment of antibiotics. Another time a root canal required heavy antibiotics. A lifetime of sinus issues, and a weak immune system have made for a lifetime om being a mouth breather. Only in past few years have I had some relief by being gluten free, saline sinus flushes and probiotics.

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    For the record, my symptoms became full blown after a double round of antibiotics for a root canal infection, though I suspect I was gluten sensitive all my life.

    I was diagnosed with celiac disease after taking cypro for two months then Levaquil the third for what they thought was Prostatitis and now I have celiac and peripheral permanent nerve damage that's crippling.

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