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  • Scott Adams
    Scott Adams

    Oxford Research May Lead to a Cure for Celiac Disease

    Reviewed and edited by a celiac disease expert.

    March 2000 Volume 6 Number 3 pp 337 - 342
    Robert P. Anderson, Pilar Degano, Andrew J. Godkin, Derek P. Jewell & Adrian V.S. Hill

    Celiac.com 06/25/2001 - Researchers from the Institute of Molecular Medicine and the Nuffield Department of Gastroenterology at Oxford University lead by Dr Robert Anderson have published a study regarding the toxic fraction of gluten, and the specific immune response to this fraction. To date scientists basic understanding of the mechanism that causes celiac disease has been linked to a broad immune response to a variety of gluten peptides, but researchers lacked specifics about both processes. This general understanding has now become very specific based on this new research. By subjecting 12 people with celiac disease to a gluten challenge and monitoring 51 fragments of the A-gliadin gluten protein in their bodies, researchers have determined the specific celiac disease antigen responsible for damage caused by the disorder, and the specific immune response that is caused by the antigen. The results of the study indicate that initial immune reaction to gluten was caused by only two adjacent fragments of the protein, which actually represented a single A-gliadin sequence. The immune response to this single fragment was identical in 11 out of 12 test subjects with celiac disease, and the immune response was not seen in the control subjects who did not have celiac disease. Researchers in Norway have also replicated these results.

    These findings may lead to better diagnostic tests and treatment for celiac disease, including the possibility of a vaccine or a genetically-modified version of wheat that excludes the harmful A-gliadin sequence, thus making it harmless to celiacs. Dr. Robert Anderson believes that a vaccine for celiac disease would likely involve using the toxic peptide itself, or a variation of it, to desensitize a person with the disease to the A-gliadin sequence. Further research in the area is now underway by the team.

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    Has anyone tried the specific carbohydrate diet? You should read up on it as there are many people out there who have removed gluten from their diet but are still not fully healing. I am one of those people and I'm very serious and determined to do whatever it takes to get my health back again. Apparently the specific carbohydrate diet has cured many people's diseases including celiac disease and Crohn's. As for me, I'm now following a strict fruit and vegetable only diet for now to see how I get on, but I'm considering trying the specific carbohydrate diet a bit later. Good luck to you all.

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    My life was crappy since my childhood but I didnt know why untill I was diagnosed in Oct 2010. It's very hard to follow the diet. I fight with my family members to ensure that they don't touch food with their spoons, etc. I always feel pain if I eat heavy sugars like potato or if I eat from cafeterias. I had to change my job to an office job in order to reduce the stress on my body. I'm not able to date/marry because this disease is playing with my nerves and I'm a guy. I believe there will be cure for this disease and I'm saving money because once they discover the cure I hope to get cured I will travel the world. I will eat everything. I will start looking for a girl without the need to look like pathetic. I'm praying everyday, please everyone do so. He will answer our need.

    Don't give up on dating, man. I date a lot and I'm gluten-free and no one seems to mind very much. I know guys think they are expected to be strong and invulnerable but really that's not realistic. You need to find someone who understands that you are human. People who don't are probably not going to make you happy, even if you didn't have celiac disease. Get yourself a Plenty of Fish profile and get to it!

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