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  • Jefferson Adams
    Jefferson Adams

    Restaurant Tells Customers it Doesn't "Give a Sh*t" About Gluten-free Food

    Reviewed and edited by a celiac disease expert.

    Celiac.com 10/06/2014 - Anyone who has ever had difficulty ordering gluten-free food at a restaurant can likely appreciate the scene that recently played out at a San Francisco restaurant called SO.

    Photo: CC--Theen MoyAfter back-to-back problems with “rude customers,” employees of the eatery staged a walkout. The next morning, the management posted a sign that not only made their feelings clear about the situation, but let no doubt about they position on MSG, organic food, and gluten-free food.

    The sign read:

    We are CLOSED


    Because of You







    *YES we use MSG!






    *We don’t believe in organic food



    AND…don’t give a



    s$#& about gluten free


    The walkout allegedly occurred after one party refused to pay for food they said was ‘too spicy,’ and another cursed at the owner.

    Granted, the dustup likely has more to do with rude patrons than with difficult gluten-free diners, but the management is making it clear that this is one place you will not be getting gluten-free food.

    It’s too early to tell whether the SO will suffer any blowback from their actions, but stay tuned for further updates.

    Here is the Yelp! page for SO.

    In the meantime, what do you think? Are you offended at the owner’s attitude? Or maybe happy they have made their position so clear? Or confused to see gluten-free lumped in with MSG and organic food?

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    Well I am offended by the tone of the sign, had they said that they have no intention of catering for gluten-free diners then that would have been a different story.


    Of course the management of the restaurant has the right to decide for whom they prepare food, but there's just no need to use language of this nature. One thing is an informative sign, quite another is one that's down right rude to a certain group of customers.


    It would appear that the management of SO treat gluten-free as some type of eating choice or fad rather than the medical imposition that it is. I don't think that anyone with celiac disease would actively choose, or promote, the dietary stipulations that we are required to follow. Yet another eating establishment to cross off the list.


    Could you imagine the reaction if a bank had a sign that said they don't give loans to ethnic group x posted at their door?


    FYI SO management, if there's a celiac in a group of people that's going out to eat, it's usually that person that chooses where.

    Well, in their defense, most of the gluten-free crowd ARE fad dieters, and a lot of them can be really annoying. Celiacs are a smaller crowd, and most of us are pretty hesitant to eat out any way, so I don't think we are necessarily who the sign is aimed at. Regardless, I get their frustration, though the sign was a bit rude. Either way, if that is their stance, I would be glad to know it so I don't eat there. Much worse are the restaurants that PRETEND to care about keeping our food safe, but are rolling their eyes as they walk away from the table, and cross contaminating things in the kitchen because they think we are just over-reacting. At least these people were honest.

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