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  • Jefferson Adams
    Jefferson Adams

    Savory Gluten-Free Dill Cheese Ball

    Reviewed and edited by a celiac disease expert.

    This simple, tasty, elegant recipe marries feta and cream cheese with fresh dill and lemon juice to deliver a fabulously stylish dish.

    Savory Gluten-Free Dill Cheese Ball - Feta cheese. Image CC--Rebecca Siegel
    Caption: Feta cheese. Image CC--Rebecca Siegel

    Celiac.com 03/17/2018 - If you’re looking for a dish that is easy, elegant, tasty, and also happens to be gluten-free, then look no further than this simple cheese ball. This easy to make cheese ball needs just a coupe of hours in the fridge and bag, you’re ready to knock’em for a loop. Just grab your favorite gluten-free crackers, or gluten-free bread, and maybe a glass of your favorite wine or champagne, and you are ready to roll. 


    • 8 ounces brick cream cheese, softened
    • 1 cup crumbled feta cheese
    • 3 tablespoon finely chopped fresh dill
    • 2 teaspoons lemon juice

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    With mixer, beat cream cheese, feta cheese, dill, and lemon juice. 

    By 2-tablespoon portions, scoop and roll into balls. Roll until coated with finely chopped fresh dill.

    Refrigerate cheese balls for a couple of hours, and as long as 2 days. 

    Let stand 15 minutes at room temperature before serving. 

    Serve with your favorite gluten-free crackers, or toasted gluten-free bread, especially sourdough.

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    Jefferson Adams

    Jefferson Adams is Celiac.com's senior writer and Digital Content Director. He earned his B.A. and M.F.A. at Arizona State University, and has authored more than 2,500 articles on celiac disease. His coursework includes studies in science, scientific methodology, biology, anatomy, medicine, logic, and advanced research. He previously served as SF Health News Examiner for Examiner.com, and devised health and medical content for Sharecare.com. Jefferson has spoken about celiac disease to the media, including an appearance on the KQED radio show Forum, and is the editor of the book "Cereal Killers" by Scott Adams and Ron Hoggan, Ed.D.

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    Scott Adams
    This recipe comes to us from the Notte family.
    ¼ pound gluten-free sweet butter
    1 ½ cup sugar
    32 ounces whipped gluten-free cream cheese
    16 ounces gluten-free sour cream
    2 tablespoons corn starch
    1 teaspoon gluten-free vanilla
    1 ½ teaspoon lemon juice
    5 eggs
    Let cream cheese, sour cream and butter stand at room temperature for 1 hour. Cream together the butter and the sugar. Mix in cream cheese then add sour cream. Add remaining ingredients except eggs and mix until smooth. Beat each egg individually and mix into batter one at a time (you can mix by hand or with a mixer on the lowest speed.)
    Pour the mixture into a 10 inch greased spring form pan. Line the pan with aluminum foil. Place the spring form pan into a large roasting pan that is half filled with hot water. Bake in a preheated 375F oven until golden brown and hour to an hour and a half. When it is golden brown, turn off the oven and let stay in oven for another hour. Remove spring form pan from oven and refrigerate until cold. Remove from pan and serve.

    Scott Adams
    2 cups raw gluten-free macaroni (penne)
    4 cups milk
    2 cups grated sharp cheddar cheese
    Salt & pepper to taste
    4 tablespoons cream cheese - cut into small cubes
    In a casserole dish with lid layer the ingredients above in the order that they are listed and dont stir. Bake at 350F until done. Dont over bake.

    Jefferson Adams
    Macaroni and cheese is one of the true comfort foods, beloved by kids and adults from sea to sea. There are dozens of kinds you can make from s box, but homemade macaroni and cheese is a true delight.
    This recipe requires no boiling, and delivers a delicious, creamy macaroni and cheese that will please even your pickiest eaters.
    1 pound uncooked gluten-free macaroni (use Schar penne)
    4 eggs
    3 cups (2 cans) evaporated milk
    2 cups water
    2 tablespoons butter, melted
    ⅓ pound shredded American cheese
    ⅓ pound shredded cheddar cheese
    ⅓ pound shredded Monterey Jack cheese
    2 teaspoons gluten-free mustard
    1 teaspoon salt
    ½ teaspoon ground white pepper
    Heat the oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).
    In a large shallow baking dish, toss
    Mix uncooked macaroni and melted butter together, making sure the macaroni and the inside of the dish are both thoroughly coated. Add cheese, and stir until evenly mixed.
    In a medium bowl, mix the evaporated milk, water, eggs, mustard powder, salt, and white pepper.
    Pour over the macaroni, and bake uncovered for 45 minutes, or until it is firm in the middle.
    Remove from the oven, and let cool for 5-10 minutes before serving.

    Jefferson Adams
    Celiac.com 04/29/2017 - Spring is cherry blossom season, which means that actual cherries are still far enough off that we'll have to leave their deliciousness ahead, and turn to their canned cousins for this recipe. Turns out, that's not a bad thing. Canned cherries make a tasty cornerstone to this super quick, super-easy no-bake cheesecake. Enjoy!
    1½ cups fresh ground almond meal 
    ⅓ cup packed brown sugar
    ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon 
    ⅓ cup butter, melted
    2 (8 ounce) packages cream cheese 
    1 pint heavy whipping cream
    1 tablespoon lemon juice 
    ⅓ cup white sugar
    Canned cherries, for topping, as desired
    In a small bowl, stir together the almond meal, brown sugar and cinnamon.
    Add melted butter and mix well.
    Press into the bottom of an 8 or 10 inch springform pan.
    Chill until firm.
    In a medium bowl, beat together the cream cheese and lemon juice until soft.
    Add whipping cream and beat with an electric mixer until batter becomes thick.
    Add the sugar and continue to beat until stiff.
    Pour into chilled crust, and top with pie filling.
    Chill several hours or overnight.
    Just before serving, remove the sides of the springform pan.
    Top with cherries and serve chilled to people you really like.

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