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  • Scott Adams

    Sumptuous Summer Shirkhand (Gluten-Free)

    Scott Adams
    Reviewed and edited by a celiac disease expert.

      This rich, luxurious Indian dessert is surprisingly low in calories and big on flavor.

    Image: CC BY-SA 2.0--stu_spivack
    Caption: Image: CC BY-SA 2.0--stu_spivack

    Celiac.com 09/11/2020 - If you're looking for a rich, creamy dessert that is also refreshing, and lower in calories, then look no further than shirkhand, a luscious, nutritious and probiotic delight. Commonly found in the Indian state of Gujarat, this silky, smooth yogurt dessert packs tremendous flavor into a simple dish, that's fit for royalty. It's sure to enchant palates, and stir the senses. 


    • 4 cups plain whole-milk Greek yogurt
    • ½ tsp. saffron threads, divided
    • 4 green cardamom pods, seeds removed, or 1 tsp. ground cardamom
    • ½ cup sugar

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    Tools: A mortar and pestle, coffee filters, and a sieve or colander.

    Line a large sieve or colander with coffee filters or paper towels, overlapping them so they cover sides, and set inside a large bowl. 

    Place yogurt in colander and let drain in refrigerator at least 8 hours and up to 12 hours; discard drained liquid in bowl. 

    Finished yogurt should be very thick, and even more dense and creamy than Greek or European-style yogurt.

    Crush ¼ tsp. saffron threads to a powder with a mortar and pestle; pour them into a small bowl. 

    Grind the cardamom seeds until very fine.

    Transfer strained yogurt to a large bowl and mix in crushed saffron, cardamom, and sugar.

    At this point, the yogurt will likely turn a pale yellow color. 

    Place saffron threads on top. Do not mix, so as to get the rich color contrast.

    Chill at least 2 hours, and up to 8 hours, before serving.

    Read more about this and other wonderful recipes at Bonappetit.com


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  • About Me

    Scott Adams was diagnosed with celiac disease in 1994, and, due to the nearly total lack of information available at that time, was forced to become an expert on the disease in order to recover. In 1995 he launched the site that later became Celiac.com to help as many people as possible with celiac disease get diagnosed so they can begin to live happy, healthy gluten-free lives.  He is co-author of the book Cereal Killers, and founder and publisher of the (formerly paper) newsletter Journal of Gluten Sensitivity. In 1998 he founded The Gluten-Free Mall which he sold in 2014. Celiac.com does not sell any products, and is 100% advertiser supported.

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