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  • Jefferson Adams

    The Kardashians Have a Gluten-Free Candy Land Food Fight

    Jefferson Adams
    Reviewed and edited by a celiac disease expert.

      “It's not Gluten-free Land over here!” Kim Kardashian told her younger sister, Kourtney.

    Image: CC BY-SA 2.0--Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer
    Caption: Image: CC BY-SA 2.0--Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer

    Celiac.com 01/10/2020 - “It's not Gluten-free Land over here!” Kim Kardashian told her younger sister, Kourtney.

    Fortunately for our readers, we followed the latest gluten-free developments on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, so you don’t have to. To the chagrin of some of our readers, gluten-free issues come up frequently in Kardashian world, and we try to keep up, so any Kardashian haters be forewarned, it ain’t always pretty, so read at your own discretion.

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    In the recent episode, a tiff over candy versus healthy snacks had celebrity Kim Kardashian and sister Kourtney fighting about a planned Candy Land-themed party for Penelope Disick and North West, with Kourtney insisting there be no candy because of its "disgusting chemicals," which led big sister Kim to exclaim that "It's a Candy Land themed party! Yes! That's, like, what the party is about: Candy Land. It's not Gluten-free Land over here."

    All of this spilled out on the latest episode. We’ve mashed-up the conversation a bit for fun, but the substance remains the largely same.

    According to Kim, "Kourtney has this vision of no sugar or no disgusting chemicals in candy, but it's, like, a completely sugar-free, gluten-free, party-free, fun-free zone because Kourtney has decided that it just doesn't make sense, and it really wasn't the theme of what North and Penelope wanted for their birthday.” 

    Kourtney, who is known for, among other things, creating a shade eye-shadow called ‘Gluten-Free,” told Kim that "There's just better solutions to things, instead of your dated candy that's, like, literally food coloring that gives people diseases.” 

    Kim was quick to point out that "My kids eat at home really healthy. Really, really healthy. And the one day they want a Candy Land birthday party and you're saying they can't have sugar?"

    Kourtney went on to tell Kim that having candy at the party is not her "brand," which Kim pointed out, "Your brand? This is about a kids party. This is not about your brand." 

    Kourtney argued, "Everyone's gonna come to this party and  everything is gonna be disgusting chemicals? We need to have some healthy options."  

    Kim stated, "If you're a kid and you think you're going to a Candy Land-themed party and there's just decorations everywhere and the Candy Land floor, but there's no candy?" 

    Kourtney tried to explain that it's simply not what she stands for, which set up an extended exchange that led to Kim driving home her feelings about her sister’s statements: "Then why does your car have leather seats? Why are you wearing plastic glasses?" 

    The entertainment went on in much this vein for the rest of the segment. Who won? Twitter users had plenty to say. Will there be candy at the Kardashian Candy Land birthday? You’ll have to turn into the episode for that information.

    We stopped soon after Kim dropped the mic what might become one of the great gluten-free digs ever: “It’s not Gluten-Free Land over here!” 

    It’s a refrain that so many people with celiac disease live with every day. For us, it put a nice closure on the Great Kardashian Gluten-Free Candy Land Food Fight of 2019. We hope the kids enjoy their party. 

    We hope you enjoy a merry, gluten-free Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Meantime, here's a list of Safe Gluten-Free Candy. And yes, Snickers bars are also gluten-free.


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