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  • Jefferson Adams

    Vegemite Goes Gluten-Free!

    Jefferson Adams

    Reviewed and edited by a celiac disease expert.

      The makers of Vegemite promise that Gluten-Free Vegemite will have the same great taste Vegemite fans crave. 

    Caption: Vegemite. Image: CC--Vintuitive

    If you like Vegemite, you’re likely Australian, or some sort of culinary oddball. Until now, you very likely did not have celiac disease. That’s because Vegemite was simply not gluten-free. Those days are over. In what is sure to be great news for Australians with celiac disease, and culinary oddballs everywhere, that only-in-Australia favorite is finally going gluten-free, and due on store shelves in a flash.

    A tweet from the company reads:
    “Happy little Vegemites rejoice! Australia’s favourite spread is now available in Gluten Free! 🙌 The same great taste you love, now gluten free, FODMAP friendly and @CoeliacAust approved. Coming soon to a store near you! #TastesLikeAustralia #Vegemite #GlutenFreeVegemite

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    The company confirmed that the product is the result of two years of product development. Nearly one in four Australians currently avoids gluten in their diets, so the company behind the Australia’s culinary delight said it felt an obligation to develop the gluten-free version afters thousands of requests from fans.

    The company promises Gluten-Free Vegemite will have the same great taste Vegemite fans crave. Go ahead, do your victory dance.

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    I am Australian and have been eating other similar brands of veggie spread for at least the last 15 years. During the 13 years I lived in Canada, I stocked up on visits to OZ. So no problem. Not sure what all the fuss is about - Kraft (and the previous producers) could have tried harder sooner.  It being 33 years since I have eaten the 'real' stuff, I probably wouldn't have a clue if it tastes the same as the real spread.

    I won't be buying it. I will continue to support the company that did it way ahead of Kraft! Being cynical, I think the push, like a lot of other companies, was the number of people deciding to give up gluten for 'health reasons'. Smaller establishment did try harder sooner and made life so much better for folk like me, diagnosed a long time ago. 

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    Vegemite Postscript. The ad shows a very thick layer of the black goo - nobody or very few would eat it like that! A thin scrape is all that is needed. I have no idea what Kraft was thinking using a photo like that.

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