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  • Jefferson Adams

    What Happened to the Great Gluten-Free Companies of Yesterday?

    Jefferson Adams
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      The gluten-free graveyard is piled high with the bones of once great companies that gave up the ghost.

    What Happened to the Great Gluten-Free Companies of Yesterday?
    Caption: The gluten-free graveyard is full of great companies that didn't survive. Photo: CC--Kicki Zeilon

    Celiac.com 11/10/2017 - Gluten-free foods are more popular than ever, and the range of choices and the availability of gluten-free products continues to expand.

    One of the more significant changes in the last few years has been the entry of major players in a market once dominated by small companies. General Mills has taken their ubiquitous Cheerios line gluten-free, and is now one of the largest manufacturers of gluten-free food in the U.S. Udi's has grown from a once small company into a gluten-free bread giant.

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    Major retailers like Amazon have taken a bite out of numerous smaller businesses. The gluten-free graveyard is piled high with the bones of once great companies that gave up the ghost.

    Here are some gluten-free companies that used to be popular, but are now out of business, went bankrupt, or no longer selling gluten-free products:

    • Bimbo's Goodbye Gluten
    • Blue Ribbon Bakery
    • Bready
    • Bye Bye Gluti / Gluten Out
    • Cookies for Me
    • Dads Pizza Crust
    • Del's Gluten-Free Eats
    • El Peto
    • gluten-free Meals / Your Dinner Secret
    • Gia's Gluten-Free Bakery
    • Gluten Free A2Z
    • Gluten Intolerance Essentials
    • Glutenfreeapp.com
    • Gluten-Free Artisan Bakery
    • Gluten-Free Trading Company, LLC / Gluten-Free Warehouse
    • GlutenFreeVitamins.com / Point Natural
    • Gluten Less Dining
    • The Lean on Me Baking Company
    • Meals in a Minute
    • Nostalgic Cookies
    • S'Better Farms
    • Sofella
    • The Lean on Me Baking Company
    • Toovaloo Gluten Free
    • Versameal
    • Zeer.com

    Do you remember any of these once proud gluten-free companies? If so, share your recollections in our comments section. And definitely let us know about any we missed.


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    I was a customer of glutenfreevitamins.com. I was diagnosed by an MD who is a nutritionist. I chose my own supplements. Unfortunately I became disabled with my immune system attacking my brain, thyroid, etc and had to forgo most supplements due to poverty and had to widen my avoidances. This is how some good companies lose customers.

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    In Canada we had El Peto, they sold Gluten Free Flours and other premade foods. They were around for decades. I used to buy all my Flours from them in bulk. They are now gone .

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    "Udi's has grown from a once small company into a gluten-free bread giant." I was surprised to see this, I was expecting Udi's to be in the list of companies that had gone! The reason for this is that I live in the UK. I was only diagnosed 3 years ago, and found Udi's products very good. Then they stopped selling them here and I thought the company was not doing very well. I still miss their bagels and granola and wish they would come back here!

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