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Gluten-Free/Casein-Free News

Lisa Lewis and Karyn Seroussi have put together a newsletter to provide support for families implementing a gluten and casein-free diet for children with autism and other developmental delays. For a free copy of the newsletter, send your name & mailing address to: AutismNDI@AOL.COM. For those without Internet access the mailing address is:

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P.O. Box 17711
Rochester, NY 14617-0711 welcomes your comments below (registration is NOT required).

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said this on
23 Oct 2007 4:33:37 AM PST
It's a wonderful site. Thanks for your information..I am looking for a list of foods which have casein.

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I think you are fine. You are wiping off anything that was left out before using.

Wonderful news! Congratulations!! ??

I'll look for the crust in the recipe section. So it set well good then hopefully I can pull it off however I'll humbly admit I'm no chef like you . So let's hope for my best ?

Thank you for your reply! I live with my parents , who eat gluten every single day , and i vigorously wash my hands, don't touch ANYWHERE but my food when im cooking. I clean again shared kitchen equipments such as glass cutting board , stainless stell pans,pots and things like that (no wood ,p...

Ok great. Should I be Warned of any side effects. I hope not.