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Venice Bakery for Gluten-Free Pizza

Venice Bakery is dedicated to providing the gluten-free community with handcrafted pizza crusts, flatbreads, wraps, calzones, breadcrumbs and pastas that taste as good as being healthy feels.

Venice Bakery for Gluten-Free PizzaVenice Baking Company is a third generation, family owned business celebrating 51 years in business.  Having recently expanded into the Gluten Free Pizza business, Venice is quickly becoming hailed as a leader in the market. As one of the country’s largest family-owned pizza manufacturing companies supplying restaurants, pizza chains, food service and in-store segments, our mission is to provide wholesome choices to all those with a Gluten Intolerance, Celiac Disease and those who want to follow a healthy lifestyle.  

Several years ago, our President Jimmy DeSisto was asked by Dr. Karima Hirani, a holistic medicine practitioner from The University of Southern California, to create a good-tasting gluten-free pizza for her students and patients. Dr. Hirani explained that through gluten free diet the behavioral patterns of her autistic children were improving.  This was all the inspiration that Mr. DeSisto needed to create the perfect gluten free pizza crust.  Having been at the helm of family owned company for the past 16 years, he started to research the Gluten Free market, intent on producing a product that met the standards of our company. 

After collaborating with the team of skilled bakers, he used their craft and applied our dedication to artisan baking techniques and ultimately created the secret recipe for Venice.

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After Mr. DeSisto presented our gluten-free pizza to Dr. Hirani and saw her reaction upon her first bite, we were convinced that we had successfully combined the perfect ingredients for what is now becoming the fastest growing segment of our business.

Venice is committed to providing our customers with a quality product. As a result, and realizing that food choices go beyond taste and can impact a person’s health, our gluten free pizza crusts are also vegan, free of diary, egg and soy. You can trust Venice Baking Company to use the highest quality gluten-free ingredients, so your family can enjoy the best tasting gluten-free pizza available.

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Crust makes the pizza.  Venice makes the crust.

Crust makes the pizza. Venice makes the crust. welcomes your comments below (registration is NOT required).

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said this on
28 Feb 2011 12:23:59 PM PDT
This pizza crust is great! I had a fantastic pizza in Providence and asked the chef where the crust was from. It was from Venice Bakery! But I wasn't able to find the website before now. Thanks for posting!

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