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Elevate Me! Gluten-free Energy Bars
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Published on 04/1/2011

ELEVATE ME! is our natural protein and whole fruit energy bar, made fresh daily by our family company in a kitchen, not a lab!

Elevate Me! Gluten-free Energy BarsELEVATE ME! is our natural protein and whole fruit energy bar, made fresh daily by our family company in a kitchen, not a lab! Our original family recipe, each 66g triple pack will ELEVATE you with simply natural ingredients: 24% protein and whole fruits. Gluten-free and all natural; there are no fillers, preservatives or sweeteners – nothing artificial EVER!

We’re not your typical corporation. ELEVATE ME! was created by our Mom! As a nutritional health food caterer for athletes and sports teams, her mission was to nourish our large family by blending an original recipe protein & energy super-booster containing only premium protein and unsulphured and organic dried fruits. Quality is our primary concern so we prepare ELEVATE ME! in small batches, blended for people who read ingredient labels.. With 8 deliciously unique flavours to choose from; it’s no wonder we are a favourite amongst athletes, sports teams, community events and schools! Hundreds of professional and Olympic athletes are fuelling their training with ELEVATE ME! bars. We actively promote natural nutrition and natural health to youth and the gluten-free communities across Canada and the USA.

What’s the point of working hard and being successful if you can’t share it to help people. So, thanks to you, part of our mission is to improve the world around us, we try to spread some good where we can. So every bar you buy goes to help us deliver that support to people in need. We give cash donations when a world tragedy strikes and we support local, as well as international charities with donations and bars; to name a few; The Boys and Girls Clubs, Salvation Army and helping entrepreneurs live their dream through KIVA.

The world's simplest protein & fruit energy bar!

Visit our site at: www.prosnack.com

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