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Gryphon Myers

Gryphon Myers recently graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in interdisciplinary studies, research emphasis in art, society and technology. He is a lifelong vegetarian, an organic, local and GMO-free food enthusiast and a high fructose corn syrup abstainer. He currently lives in Northern California. He also writes about and designs video games at Homunkulus.

By Gryphon Myers
Published on 06/8/2012

Gluvana Gluten-Free Foods produces a line of great tasting and nutritious gluten-free baking and batter mixes. 

Gluvana Gluten-Free Foods produces a line of great tasting and nutritious gluten-free baking and batter mixes.    

Gluvana Gluten-Free Foods“The food industry has responded to the growing consumer sensitivity to gluten with products that are indeed free from it," said Chandra Houston, President of Gluvana Gluten-Free Foods. “The problem is, the great majority of those products aren’t only void of gluten, they’re void of balanced nutrition as well. Perfect for anyone who suffers from Celiac’s, our baking and batter mixes leverage the balanced proteins of ancient grains as the cornerstone to providing the nutrition that is critical to consumers looking to avoid gluten in their diets."

Gluten-Free baking and batter mixes from Gluvana Gluten-Free Foods can be purchased direct by consumers online at www.gluvana.com.  Product offerings include

  • Gluten-Free Pizza Base
  • Gluten-Free All Purpose Mix
  • Gluten-Free Batter Mix

The products are perfect for those who suffer from Celiac’s as well as anyone looking to limit the amount of gluten in their diet.  You don’t want to sacrifice nutrition when you eat gluten free – and with Gluvana, you no longer need to!

Gluvana Gluten-Free Foods, LLC
629 Boulevard NE, Suite B,
Atlanta, GA 30308

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